CODE NUMBER LIST Warcraft Mega Bloks Series 1 Mystery Packs Figures

The day that World of Warcraft Mega Bloks collectors have long dreamed of has arrived–the World of Warcraft Mega Bloks Series 1 Mystery Packs Blind Bags figures have arrived! It’s taken the better part of a year since the Mega Bloks Warcraft toys hit stores, but the WoW Series 1 Mystery Pack figures have arrived–and we’ve got the codes so you can make sure to get the figure you want every single time!

World of Warcraft Mega Bloks Series 1 Mystery Packs FiguresSince the inception of the WoW Mega Bloks line (heck, since the day it was announced), Warcraft fans have been demanding low-priced single figure blind bags of the Mega Bloks figures (such as the ones released for Power Rangers Mega Bloks and Halo Mega Bloks). MEGA Brands has promised for a while that these fan-demanded blind bags were on the way, and after showing them at Toy Fair 2013, they’ve started to hit online retailers in late March 2013!

Mega Bloks Warcraft Series 1 Blind Bags Figures PackagingEach full case of 91100 Mega Bloks Warcraft Series 1 figures contains 24 packs, with 8 different figures in the assortment. There is only one “Legendary” rarity Duskborne (Elf Death Knight) in each case, and two of each of the “Epic” rarity Nighthowl (Worgen Rogue) and Medrin (Blood Elf Paladin). Each case contains 3-4 each of the remaining five figures. Every figure includes at least one weapon and a display base with either a transparent red or blue block to put on top, announcing that character’s allegiance as either Horde (red) or Alliance (blue).

If the Warcraft Mega Bloks Series 1 Mystery Packs haven’t hit your local stores yet or if you want to just order specific figures without having to hunt around, the figures are available for order online now.

The World of Warcraft Mega Bloks Series 1 figures codes are as follows:

Duskborne — Alliance Knight Elf Death Knight (Ultra Rare / Legendary) A02013GT-1

Nighthowl — Alliance Worgen Rogue (Rare / Epic) A02013GT-2

Medrin — Horde Blood Elf Paladin (Rare / Epic) A02013GT-3

Greyland — Alliance Human Warrior (Common) A02013GT-4

Roto — Alliance Gnome Monk (Common) A02013GT-5

Thunderhorn — Horde Tauren Druid (Common) A02013GT-6

Drixil — Horde Goblin Warrior (Common) A02013GT-7

Dayhaven — Horde Blood Elf Priest (Common) A02013GT-8


CODE NUMBER LIST Warcraft Mega Bloks Series 1 Mystery Packs Figures — 15 Comments

  1. I cant find where to buy these mystery packs for the live of me… checked all sorts of different retailers that carry warcraft mega bloks

  2. Ummm you listed only listed 7, but the pictures show 8. What happened ? did they cancel a figure or something?

    • He listed all 8, but the last one is below an advertisement.

      BTW I finally found these @ my local toys r us stores.

      The numbers listed here were ALL WRONG, however they were listed in the correct order. The number you are looking for is not at the end, but at the beginning after the first letter. I tossed the packaging by now, but I do remember the numbers:

      02 – Duskborne
      04 – NIghthowl
      05 – Medrin
      06 – Greyland
      07 – Roto
      08 – Thunderhorn
      09 – Drixil
      11 – Dayhaven

      Good luck to all and happy hunting!

      • Yeah I got a few today at toys r us and the numbers were all wrong. They do t even look like the ones listed here. So I had to feel the package out yo decide and did get Nighthowl today so it worked out.

        • it’s not written in ink, it’s more like an indentation on the back, just barely along the side’s edge. it’s subtle, but easy enough to read when you find it.

  3. Ok thanks did not see it there. But yes the numbers here don’t match what’s on the packages. I picked up 3 of them at toys r us over the last couple of days, this is how they look…
    Nighthowl- A04013GT
    Greyland- A06013GT
    Dayhaven- A11013GT
    I will just keep looking for the others mostly for Duskborne and Medrin.

    • The numbers posted by D. Khurt are accurate. Some bags are numbered the original way, and some are numbered using the first three digits as the identifier. If you dont see a lone number at the end 1-8.. then look at the 2nd and 3rd digits to identify. If all else fails, feel up the bags!

  4. I had actually just this post last night and thought that they’d never get to my area. I just found them at my local TRU today!!!. Luckily it looked like the case was just opened and I snagged a Duskborne and Nighthowl. I had Medrin in my hand, but not enough to buy even with a BOGO 1/2 off. Next time.

    • Yea, I am having the same problem – scanned the whole pack front and back and cannot see anything similar to these codes so grabbed one blind which was Roto
      Anyone give any pointers before I had back to TRU again (UK)

  5. I am really late to this party, but with the two code lists I was able to hit my local TRU and grab my top two wants, Duskborne and Medrin, first try, and this was not a fresh case. THANKS!!!