August 2015 LEGO Store Calendar: Free Promos & Events!

August 2015 LEGO Store Calendar

For the last couple months, the LEGO has been just a wee bit late posting the next month’s LEGO Store calendar. But just when I think I’ve got a handle on it, LEGO goes and pulls the rug out from under me again!

With over half a week left until July, the August 2015 LEGO Store Calendar of deals, free promos and events has now been revealed!

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LEGO Ferrari F40 10248 Set Revealed + Photos & Video!

LEGO Ferrari F40 10248 Box Front

As I’ve mentioned a few times in the past, I’m not exactly what you would call “a car guy”. So when LEGO made their huge June 2015 set announcement and press release this week, I was like “A red car. Hunh.” But as it turns out, plenty of readers are excited about this set and asking me about it, so let’s chat about the LEGO Creator Ferrari F40 10248 set coming our way in just a few short weeks!

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SDCC 2015 LEGO Arsenal Minifigure Exclusive! Red Arrow!

SDCC 2015 LEGO Arsenal Minifigure Exclusive

If LEGO is really looking to create a stir and earn the hatred of a lot of hardcore superhero fans with their lottery SDCC 2015 exclusives, they’re doing a good job.

First they announced the raffle-only SDCC LEGO Captain America Falcon Minifigure, and now they’ve announced the DC entry: from the beloved TV show “Arrow”, it’s the exclusive LEGO Arsenal Minifigure!

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Exclusive SDCC 2015 LEGO DC Action Comics #1 Set!

SDCC 2015 LEGO Action Comics 1 Set with Superman Minifigure

Having been strongly underwhelmed by the first two San Diego Comic-Con 2015 LEGO sets being sold at the show–Throne of Ultron and Dagobah–I wasn’t expecting much from the third set revealed. But as it turns out, the third set really is the charm! While it may be overpriced, the SDCC 2015 exclusive LEGO DC Action Comics #1 Superman set recreating Superman’s first appearance is definitely a fun and inspired choice for a comic book convention exclusive!

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SDCC 2015 Exclusive LEGO Star Wars Dagobah Set!

SDCC 2015 Exclusive LEGO Star Wars Dagobah Set

Ordinarily, I want every single kit that LEGO announced to be a riveting entry and the best it can be. But due to the fact that the San Diego Comic-Con LEGO exclusive sets and minifigures tend to be ridiculously priced and/or impossible to get on the aftermarket, I breathe a little sigh of relief whenever a new exclusive is announced that I don’t want. The limited-edition Sam Wilson Captain America minifigure being raffled at the show certainly doesn’t fall into that category, but the other recently-announced SDCC 2015 exclusive LEGO Dagobah set definitely does underwhelm…

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SDCC 2015 LEGO All-New Captain America Minifigure!

SDCC 2015 LEGO All-New Captain America Minifigure Falcon Sam Wilson

The moment of truth that most LEGO collectors dread each year has arrived: the San Diego Comic-Con 2015 exclusive LEGO Minifigures are now beginning to be announced! As usual, only a few hundred of each minifigure will be available at SDCC 2015, and you can only win them through a “random” lottery drawing. I was pleased when the Collector (an obscure, mostly unpopular character) was last year’s Marvel exclusive, but LEGO will not be making any friends this year with the SDCC 2015 Exclusive LEGO All-New Captain America Minifigure!

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LEGO Wall-E Set Revealed & Photos! LEGO 21303!

LEGO Wall-E 21303 Set Box

Way back in February 2015 (before Jurassic World opened and dinosaurs began roaming the Earth), LEGO hit us up with the surprise announcement that the LEGO Ideas Wall-E set had been approved and would be coming our way in late 2015!

Well, it’s over a third of a year later, but we’ve finally gotten our first official looks at the upcoming Disney-Pixar LEGO Wall-E 21303 set… and I have to say, it looks absolutely amazing!! This just may be the most authentic licensed LEGO set ever made!

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CODE NUMBER LIST: Mega Bloks Minions Series 3 Codes!

Minions Mega Bloks Series 3 Blind Box Figures Packaging

While we wait for the LEGO Minifigures Series 14 blind bags to hit stores in late fall (and yes, this is the Halloween-themed minifigures set leaked in the winter), blind bag lovers may need something else to tide them over this summer. And coincidentally, one of my favorite movies has its own blind pack figures getting a new series this summer, and they’re starting to hit stores! And with the Mega Bloks Minions Series 3 code number list, you can pull the Minion you want every single time!!

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LEGO Star Wars Force Awakens Stormtrooper Set Photo!

SDCC 2015 Exclusive LEGO First Order Stormtrooper Figure

We’ve known everything from the set numbers to the release date (September 4th, 2015) to the prices for the LEGO Star Wars Episode VII sets for ages, and even the names for the sets leaked out last week. There was really only one mystery left: when the sets would finally be revealed to the public. And the solution to that question now has an unsurprising answer: San Diego Comic-Con 2015 next month! But before we see the rest of the LEGO Star Wars Force Awakens sets at SDCC 2015, the first LEGO 2016 set has now been revealed: the LEGO First Order Stormtrooper figure!

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LEGO Ninjago Summer 2015 Sets Preview & Photo Gallery!

70738 Final Flight of Destiny's Bounty Set

Last night, I made my first mega-dump of over 60 ultra hi-res photos of the Summer 2015 LEGO Friends sets that I took at the New York Toy Fair 2015 earlier this year. But if Friends aren’t your thing, have no fear–there’s plenty more where those came from! And next up, I’ll be sharing my coverage of another fan-favorite original LEGO theme: ninja fans, your time is now! Check out about seven dozen hi-res photos of the LEGO Ninjago Summer 2015 sets!

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LEGO Friends Summer 2015 Sets Photos Preview!

41100 Heartlake Private Jet LEGO Friends Set Box

With a song in my heart and stars in my eyes, I took well over 1,000 photos at the New York Toy Fair 2015 LEGO booth, including a double-digit number of every single set shown at the event. I had intended to write a full preview for each set, but sadly, I’ve run out of time. Even so, I hate to let beautiful photos go to waste, so LEGO Friends fans, rejoice and enjoy over 5 dozen photos of the LEGO Friends Summer 2015 sets!

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Minions Mega Bloks Build-A-Minion Set Released!

Minions Mega Bloks Build-A-Minion Set

I’ve been more than a little bit negligent in my coverage of the Mattel Mega Bloks toys this year, but finally there’s a new theme coming out that I’m really excited about: Minions!

And while most of the summer sets haven’t hit stores just yet, one major new release has now arrived: it’s the Minions Mega Bloks Build-A-Minion set, which lets you construct a Kevin Minion over 15″ tall!

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LEGO DC Legion of Doom DVD w/ Trickster Minifigure!

LEGO Justice League Attack of the Legion of Doom DVD with Trickster Minifigure

As much as I love superheroes, I’ve hit the point in my life where I no longer watch the latest episodes of weekly superhero cartoons. I’m more of a movie guy these days. Luckily, Warner Bros. knows exactly what I like, and they’re delivering once again this summer with both a new LEGO DC Superheroes movie and an exclusive minifig: the LEGO Tricker Minifigure with Justice League Attack of the Legion of Doom DVD is now up for order!

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LEGO Piggy Coin Bank 40155 Released & Photos!

LEGO Piggy Coin Bank 40155 Set Box

Continuing the saga of what is most assuredly the best week of my life, I had agonizingly painful facial surgery and stitches yesterday. But wait–there’s both relevancy and a happy ending to this story! See, I had the surgery done down the street from the LEGO Store, so how could I not drop in (with my bloody, bandaged face), where I found the just-released LEGO Piggy Coin Bank 40155 (which is also available for order online)!

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