LEGO Ant-Man Final Battle 76039 Released in Stores!

LEGO Ant-Man Final Battle 76039 Set Released

After stopping at the LEGO Store and taking photos of all the new Summer 2015 Star Wars and City sets yesterday, I strolled away content with the knowledge that I was totally caught up on everything new in stores. Or at least–I was for about five minutes! Then someone posted a photo on our Facebook Page which sent me scrambling on a quest to Toys R Us: the LEGO Ant-Man Final Battle 76039 set has now been released in stores!

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LEGO Birthday Cake 40153 2015 Summer Set Revealed!

40153 LEGO Birthday Cake Set Box

The birds are singing, the sun is blazing, the snow has melted, and the first of the Summer 2015 LEGO sets have begun to arrive in stores: there’s no doubt about it–summer has arrived! And with the arrival of first waves of summer sets comes one of the more anticipated events of the summer: previously-unannounced, retailer exclusive sets showing up out of nowhere! Yesterday, five such sets appeared out of the blue–including a new addition to the popular range of LEGO Store exclusives: the LEGO Birthday Cake 40153!

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LEGO Space Starter Set 60077 Review & Photos Summer 2015

LEGO Summer 2015 Sets Moon Rover Space Buggy

Last night I posted my first review of a Summer 2015 LEGO set with the 60078 Utility Shuttle. But while I think I was completely fair in my assessment of that set, I do feel kind of bad starting my reviews on a sour note with so much complaining about the set’s value. And so, to ease my guilt, today I’ll be reviewing another LEGO City Space set that just went up for order and is an outstanding value: the LEGO Space Starter Set 60077!

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LEGO Utility Shuttle 60078 Summer 2015 Set Review & Photos!

Nose Piece on Utility Shuttle 2015 LEGO Summer Set

Space: The final frontier. Even though less than .001% of people will ever go into space, it has fascinated humanity since, well… ever. And that’s why LEGO has been releasing various space themes for decades now. Even so, it’s been a while since we’ve got a healthy dose of “realistic” space sets. But the time has come–the LEGO City Summer 2015 sets are now available for purchase, and I’ll begin my reviews of them with the 60078 Utility Shuttle!

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LEGO Ferris Wheel Fully Revealed w/ Photos & Video!

10247 LEGO Creator Ferris Wheel Box

When the first images of the long-rumored LEGO Creator Ferris Wheel 10247 set leaked out over the weekend, I knew it was going to be sooner rather than later that the official, grand reveal of the set would take place. And sure enough, over a month before the public release of the 10247 Ferris Wheel, LEGO has finally dropped the motherlode of hi-res photos, specs and pricing details for the hottest non-licensed set of summer 2015!

UPDATE 5/13/2015: The LEGO Ferris Wheel set is now available for order!

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LEGO Dimensions Jurassic World & Scooby-Doo Sets Photos!

LEGO Dimensions Team Packs Scooby-Doo and Jurassic World

As far as the hype-o-meter goes, the licenses that are all-new to LEGO Dimensions (such as Wizard of Oz and Portal 2) are definitely blowing the roof off the meter. But there are some other new-for-2015 themes also getting the video game expansion pack treatment, and two of them were just revealed this weekend! Coming this fall: the 71205 LEGO Dimensions Jurassic World and 71206 Scooby-Doo Team Packs!

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LEGO Dimensions Portal & Doctor Who Sets Revealed!

LEGO Doctor Who and LEGO Portal Dimensions Sets

When the blurry images of the complete lineup of LEGO Dimensions Series 1 minifigures and packs leaked out, the one rumored inclusion that really made me raise an eyebrow was the LEGO Portal set.

I was genuinely skeptical that a licensed LEGO Dimensions Portal pack was real–but as it turns out, it is!

And not only is Portal coming to LEGO Dimensions–so are LEGO Doctor Who, Scooby-Doo, Simpsons and more!

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LEGO Simpsons Minifigures Series 2 Codes List!

LEGO Simpsons Minifigures Series 2 Codes List Bump Guide

There are some collectors who are like ninja masters at feeling up LEGO Minifigures blind bags and knowing with 100% certainty what character is inside. I am not one of those people. At my best, I get maybe one out of every two blind bags correct with the “feel” method.

Luckily, there’s hope for folks like me! And that hope is that, once again, there’s a LEGO Simpsons Minifigures Series 2 codes list, detailing some of the actual bump codes needed to pull the character you want every time…

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LEGO Star Wars Summer 2015 Sets Available for Order!

LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle Tydirium 75094 Box Summer 2015 Set

The cycle is now complete! Last fall, we began to hear about the rumored Summer 2015 LEGO Star Wars sets. In the winter, I traveled to New York City just to see and photograph them. Then I spent weeks posting previews and photos of every set. And now–finally–we can buy them.

At long last, the LEGO Star Wars Summer 2015 sets are now available for order! And hey–they’ve got free shipping and no tax in most states! That’s so wizard!

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LEGO Jurassic World Raptor Escape Review & Photos! 75920

LEGO 75920 Raptor Escape Front Gate Open

My wife is a hardcore dinosaur freak (and I obviously mean that in the nicest possible way), so we had to have all of the LEGO Jurassic World sets on day one. While most of the Jurassic World sets are available on Amazon with no tax and free shipping, one set is a pesky exclusive. And so, I ended up questing over to the LEGO Store to nab the LEGO Raptor Escape 75920 set. Was it worth my effort? Read on for my review…

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LEGO Creator Cute Kitten 30188 Polybag Re-Released!

LEGO Creator Cute Kitten 30188 Polybag Set

I went out to Toys R Us this morning in search of a certain polybag that I’d been looking for for many months–and found it. And while I’m psyched to have score said said will be talking all about that set a bit later on, it’s not the only thing I found on my hunt!

Just in case you missed it last year, you’ve got another chance–the LEGO Creator Cute Kitten 30188 is back!

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LEGO Jurassic World Sets Released Online & In Stores!

LEGO Jurassic World Sets Released in Stores

This weekend is going to be all about Star Wars, as the beloved May the 4th holiday weekend is about to begin! But today? Today is about something my wife has been waiting all of her life for (sort of), because today is the day that the Jurassic Park movies live again–in brick form!

The street date has finally arrived, and the Summer 2015 LEGO Jurrasic World sets are now available online and in some stores!

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Limited Edition LEGO Bat-Pod Set Announced & Photo!

Limited Edition LEGO Bat-Pod Set

Because there are only a handful of LEGO Batman sets released each year, there are quite a few collectors who own every LEGO Batman set every released! But life is about to get a whole lot harder for any completists out there, because a new set has been announced that you can’t buy–you have to try to win it! It’s the limited-edition LEGO Bat-Pod set, limited to just 750 pieces produced!

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June 2015 LEGO Store Calendar: Winter Soldier Minifigure!

June 2015 LEGO Store Calendar Front

It used to be that we could count on the next month’s LEGO Store Calendar being posted right on time (or even early!) like a finely-tuned watch each month. Unfortunately, there’s been a disturbing trend of the calendars not being posted online until later and later each month–so much so, that I had set my alarm to get up early and head to the LEGO Store myself at opening in anticipation that the June 2015 LEGO Store Calendar wouldn’t be posted online. But hey, any excuse to head to the LEGO Store is a good one, right? And after a quick trip to my closest LEGO Store, I now have hi-res scans of the LEGO Store June 2015 Calendar and all of the scheduled deals, promos and events!

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