LEGO Star Wars 2015 Sets List Revealed! (Winter 2015)

Star Wars Rebels AT-DP Toy Model

In 2015, Star Wars is set to have a third-coming as a franchise the likes of which the box office has never seen before. And while we’re still more than a year away from seeing the first LEGO Star Wars Episode VII set, LEGO has got a pretty solid LEGO Star Wars 2015 sets wave lined up to launch in winter 2015!

If you’re hoping for original trilogy LEGO Star Wars sets you may be disappointed, but if you’re looking forward to new LEGO Star Wars MicroFighters, Rebels or Troop Builder sets, you’ll be pleased with early 2015…

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LEGO City 2014 Advent Calendar Released in Stores & Photos!

2014 LEGO City Advent Calendar 60063 Set

I was ecstatic over the weekend when I unwittingly ended up stumbling upon my personal favorite of the yearly LEGO Advent Calendars: the LEGO Star Wars 2014 Advent Calendar! But while that licensed sci-fi version of the calendar is my favorite, I recognize that it’s not everyone’s. And in fact, there was another 2014 LEGO Advent Calendar that was selling even better at my nearest LEGO Store–and was almost wiped out on the shelf already! The LEGO City 2014 Advent Calendar has now been released!

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LEGO Star Wars 2014 Advent Calendar Released in Stores!

75056 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2014

After seeing the LEGO Star Wars 2014 Advent Calendar at the New York Toy Fair 2014, I came back and raved about the set–and then pined away that it would be at least six months before I could own it. Fast-forward six months plus to today, and my melodrama is finally able to come to an end! During the rare occasion when my wife actually wanted to go to the mall (she hates malls), I saw a kid walking around with the telltale yellow LEGO Store bag–stuffed with what looked like new Advent Calendars! I quickly made a beeline for the LEGO Store, and came face-to-face with the 2014 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar I’d been waiting so very long for…

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LEGO Mixels Series 3 Sets Released in Stores! Purple Green Tan

LEGO Mixels Series 3 Sets Purple Green Tan Figures

A couple of readers wrote in last week to report that they had sighted all nine of the LEGO Mixels Series 3 sets at their local Target stores. Since those sets aren’t due out for a couple of weeks yet and hadn’t even been spotted at the LEGO Stores themselves yet, I figured it must have been some sort of fluke incident. But I decided to check my local Target stores every day–just in case. And sure enough, the entirety of LEGO Mixels Series 3 turned up at my closest Target store yesterday, including all three Green Mixels (Glorp Corp), Purple Mixels (Wiztastics) and Tan Mixels (Spikels)!

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LEGO Batman Tumbler 76023 UCS Set Up for Order!

LEGO UCS Batman Tumbler Dark Knight Set Revealed

It’s been common knowledge for most of 2014 that LEGO has been “secretly” working on a huge, Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) LEGO Batman Tumbler for release in late summer 2014. It’s also been widely speculated and agreed-upon among LEGO collectors that said set would of course debut at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 (what with it being the largest superhero convention in the world and all). So with SDCC 2014 just a few days away, we just have to wait and our patience will finally be rewarded! …What’s that? Oh… never mind. As it turns out, LEGO apparently ran out of patience themselves, as the UCS LEGO Batman Tumbler 76023 set has now been fully revealed!

UPDATE 8/18/2014: The LEGO Batman Tumbler 76023 set is now available for order!

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LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle 30246 Review & Photos

LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle 30246 Review

This is going to shock a lot of people, but I was not a hardcore Star Wars geek as a kid. Oh, sure, growing up I could name every Ewok and Droid that Kenner made vintage figures of, but when it came to other people and vehicles in the Star Wars universe, I was a casual fan at best. The relevance of this is that I’ve never, in my entire life, owned even one toy of a Star Wars Imperial Shuttle. Crazy, right? But that 31-year streak is at an end!

Last week, I picked up the LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle 30246 polybag? Was it worth my $3.99? Read on…

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LEGO Minecraft The Cave & The Farm Revealed! 21113 21114

LEGO Minecraft The Cave 21113 Set Photo Hi-Res

I woke up this morning to an unexpected surprise–a European retailer had leaked the first official photos of a pair of LEGO Minecraft sets scheduled for release in November 2014! Unlike the first four LEGO Minecraft Micro-World sets that are already available, the upcoming LEGO Minecraft sets will be in the standard LEGO size and include the first-ever LEGO Minecraft Minifigures. Now let’s take a hi-res peek at the first two sets to be fully revealed–LEGO Minecraft The Cave 21113 and LEGO Minecraft The Farm 21114!

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LEGO Santa’s Workshop 10245 Fully Revealed & Photos!

LEGO 2014 Winter Village Santa's Workshop 10245 Set

A late-summer not-quite-Christmas miracle occurred while I was away last week: LEGO fully-unveiled the LEGO Winter Village 2014 set–LEGO Santa’s Workshop 10245! LEGO might have liked to have kept this set a surprise, but unfortunately (for them, not us) the first photo of the LEGO Winter Village Santa’s Workshop set leaked out way back in May 2014.

That photo was pretty low-res and grainy, and I’ve been looking forward to seeing the Santa’s Workshop LEGO set in all its hi-res glory ever since–and now, I finally can! The 10245 LEGO Santa’s Workshop set has now been revealed!

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LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle 30246 Polybag Re-Released!

LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle 30246 Re-Released

Some of you have been worried that I’ve abandoned you, but fret not–I have returned! With the annual post-San Diego Comic-Con LEGO news drought in full effect, I decided to take advantage of the lull to take a (unfortunately crummy) vacation.

But I can never go LEGO-free for too long, and during the first day of my trip, I picked up a previously rare polybag! The LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle 30246 has now been re-released!

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LEGO Stores Free LEGO White Spaceman Minifigure Promo!

Free LEGO White Spaceman Minifigure Promo LEGO Stores 2014

LEGO Space is still a much-beloved and popular classic LEGO theme, despite the fact that new LEGO Space sets haven’t been produced in years. Even so, the classic LEGO Spaceman minifigure craze is having a resurgence like never before, largely due to the appearance of Benny the 1980′s-something Spaceman in The LEGO Movie. Not only do the first green LEGO Spaceman minifigures ever appear in the awesome and quickly-selling-out LEGO Exo-Suit set, but next month we’re going to have the opportunity to get our hands on a new run of the white LEGO Spaceman minifigure–for free!

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September 2014 LEGO Stores Calendar: Promos, Deals & Events!

LEGO Stores September 2014 Calendar

With all of the fun and excitement of various conventions, beach trips and new LEGO sets being released (finally new Chima sets–Wooo!), July 2014 went by in a flash! August 2014 is now upon us, and that can mean only one thing: it’s the time to look ahead and see what the future holds for next month at the LEGO Store!

The August 2014 LEGO Store Calendar is old news–now it’s time to talk about the September 2014 LEGO Store Calendar and all of its deals, promos and events!

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LEGO Exo-Suit 21109 LEGO Ideas LIMITED Set Up for Order!

Exo Suit LEGO Ideas #007 Summer 2014 Set LEGO 21109

LEGO announced ages ago that the fan-created LEGO Exo-Suit would be coming to the LEGO Ideas set range (though back then, we still old-timers still called it “LEGO CUUSOO”). The rumored release date for the set was August 2014, but once the calendar flipped over to July 2014 without a peep from LEGO, I got a little worried that the project’s release was going to be delayed. Thankfully, it turns out that that’s not the case at all–to celebrate the 4th of July, LEGO officially unveiled their LEGO Exo-Suit 21109 set… in spectacular, animated video form!

UPDATE 8/1/2014: The LEGO Exo-Suit set is now up for order and selling out FAST! There’s only one production run for this set, so make sure to order it ASAP if you want one. Like the LEGO Mars Curiosity Rover, this set will sell out fast!

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LEGO Research Institute 21110 Revealed & Photos!

LEGO 21110 Research Institute Set LEGO ideas #8

Earlier this summer, LEGO announced both the name change of LEGO CUUSOO to “LEGO Ideas” and that the next fan-designed concept that would be produced would be that of the female minifigures set designed by Alatariel Elensar.

I really didn’t expect that LEGO would have the finished product ready to be shown off at all until late summer or early fall, but it appears LEGO was farther along with the set than I thought! The LEGO Research Institute 21110 set has now been fully revealed!

UPDATE 8/1/2014: The LEGO Research Institute set is now available for order!

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LEGO Minifigures Series 12 Fully Revealed Photos!

LEGO Minifigures Series 12 71007 Revealed

I’ve long maintained that LEGO Minifigures Series 12 71007 would be fully revealed during San Diego Comic-Con 2014. But while my thought was that LEGO themselves would premiere the LEGO 71007 Minifigures Series 12 at SDCC 2014 themselves, that’s not quite the case. Actually, LEGO didn’t show off the series at the event at all. Instead, mega-retailer Argos leaked images of the set onto the web. Luckily, this isn’t math class, so while my reasoning was wrong, the results are all that matter–and LEGO Minifigures Series 12 looks outstanding!

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SDCC 2014: LEGO Green Lantern vs. Sinestro 2015 Set!

LEGO 2015 Green Lantern vs. Sinestro 76025 Set

If there was any question of whether or not LEGO was serious about “winning” San Diego Comic Con 2014, that question has been answered by the latest LEGO SDCC 2014 news! When word broke that the plot of the LEGO Batman 3 video game had to do with Batman going into space and dealing with Sinestro and the various Lantern Corps, it seemed like only a matter of time until a LEGO Green Lantern minifigure made his debut. That time… is now! Coming to stores in 2015–LEGO Green Lantern vs. Sinestro 76025!

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