LEGO City Sports Car 30349 & Tiger Polybag Sets Released!

LEGO City 2016 Sports Car 30349 Set Built

We may have just had a mother lode of new sets released this past week to kick off 2016, but that’s not all for the January 2016 LEGO sets hitting stores!

There’s something for those who prefer small sets and impulse buys as well, as the long-awaited LEGO Creator Tiger 30285 Polybag and the new LEGO City Sports Car 30349 sets are now finally arriving in stores!

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2016 LEGO Creator Park Animals Set 31044 Photos Preview!

LEGO 31044 Park Animals Set Box

The wait is over!!! It’s taken quite a lot longer than we diehard LEGO fans are used to, but the first official images of LEGO 2016 sets are finally surfacing online. And that means that I can finally start my much-anticipated photo previews of every winter 2016 LEGO set! And just like every year, I want one of my personal favorites to kick off the previews–it’s the 2016 LEGO Creator Park Animals 31044 set with dog and ducks!

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LEGO Ferrari F40 10248 Set Revealed + Photos & Video!

LEGO Ferrari F40 10248 Box Front

As I’ve mentioned a few times in the past, I’m not exactly what you would call “a car guy”. So when LEGO made their huge June 2015 set announcement and press release this week, I was like “A red car. Hunh.” But as it turns out, plenty of readers are excited about this set and asking me about it, so let’s chat about the LEGO Creator Ferrari F40 10248 set coming our way in just a few short weeks!

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LEGO Christmas Tree 30286 Polybag Revealed!

30286 LEGO Christmas Tree Polybag 2015

Need and photos of upcoming sets seem to be coming out earlier and earlier these days, and today’s big (or should I say little?) reveal feels especially early! It’s too bad this set couldn’t stay under wraps for a few more weeks, because we could have had Christmas in July–the 2015 LEGO Christmas Tree 30286 polybag has now been revealed!

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LEGO Birthday Cake 40153 2015 Summer Set Revealed!

40153 LEGO Birthday Cake Set Box

The birds are singing, the sun is blazing, the snow has melted, and the first of the Summer 2015 LEGO sets have begun to arrive in stores: there’s no doubt about it–summer has arrived! And with the arrival of first waves of summer sets comes one of the more anticipated events of the summer: previously-unannounced, retailer exclusive sets showing up out of nowhere! Yesterday, five such sets appeared out of the blue–including a new addition to the popular range of LEGO Store exclusives: the LEGO Birthday Cake 40153!

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LEGO Ferris Wheel Fully Revealed w/ Photos & Video!

10247 LEGO Creator Ferris Wheel Box

When the first images of the long-rumored LEGO Creator Ferris Wheel 10247 set leaked out over the weekend, I knew it was going to be sooner rather than later that the official, grand reveal of the set would take place. And sure enough, over a month before the public release of the 10247 Ferris Wheel, LEGO has finally dropped the motherlode of hi-res photos, specs and pricing details for the hottest non-licensed set of summer 2015!

UPDATE 5/13/2015: The LEGO Ferris Wheel set is now available for order!

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LEGO Creator Cute Kitten 30188 Polybag Re-Released!

LEGO Creator Cute Kitten 30188 Polybag Set

I went out to Toys R Us this morning in search of a certain polybag that I’d been looking for for many months–and found it. And while I’m psyched to have score said said will be talking all about that set a bit later on, it’s not the only thing I found on my hunt!

Just in case you missed it last year, you’ve got another chance–the LEGO Creator Cute Kitten 30188 is back!

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LEGO Ferris Wheel Release Date, Box & Piece Count!

LEGO 10247 Ferris Wheel Box Creator Expert Summer 2015 Set

I never really had much doubt that this year’s 10247 LEGO Creator Ferris Wheel set was going to be a hit, but I had no idea how popular it was going to be until my inbox flooded with readers asking for more details and specifics about the set. And while the Summer 2015 LEGO Ferris Wheel set won’t be officially announced for a few more days, a photo of the box has now surfaced, which gives us a couple more specific details…

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LEGO Ferris Wheel 10247 Set Revealed & Photo!

LEGO Ferris Wheel 10247 Set 2015 LEGO Creator

LEGO has had an escalating issue with confidential news and photos leaking out early over the past year, and as a result there have been precious few surprises thus far in 2015. I actually prefer that there not be leaks so that we can be shocked with new and exciting news throughout the year–but alas. Even so, while we knew a new for 2015 LEGO Ferris Wheel set was on the way since December, we haven’t had an opportunity to see the set–until now!

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LEGO Changing Seasons 31038 Summer 2015 Set Preview!

LEGO Creator Changing Seasons 31038 Box

The LEGO Creator theme has become the home for innovative builds that can be reconfigured into two (and sometimes more) totally different builds, so my curiosity was definitely piqued when “31038 Changing Seasons” turned up on the rumored list of Creator summer 2015 sets. And when I finally did get to see the set for the first time at the New York Toy Fair 2015, I knew LEGO had a winner on their hands. Whether you want to have a little winter house, or want to change to summer or fall, you’re covered with the LEGO Changing Seasons 31038 set!

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LEGO Creator Tiger 30285 Polybag Set Photos Preview!

LEGO 30285 Tiger Set Polybag Promo Winter 2015

I love the holidays more than most people, but now that they’re over (although the LEGO Winter Village will be out for a few more weeks), it’s time to catch up on some minor news beats I missed over the last few weeks.

And first up is one of the first brand-new polybag sets of 2015. Coming exclusively to Toys R Us stores soon–it’s the LEGO Creator Tiger 30285 set!

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10246 LEGO Detective’s Office Modular Set Up for Order!

LEGO Detective's Office 10246 Set Contents Front Facade

When grainy photos of the box for the 2015 LEGO Detective’s Office 10246 Modular Building leaked out earlier this week, I did my very best to talk about the set without actually going into any level of detail about it. Why? Because I was saving myself for the beautiful, hi-res images of the LEGO 10246 Dectective’s Office that I knew were only a few days away! Thankfully, I don’t have to exercise restraint anymore–the LEGO Detective’s Office modular building has finally been fully revealed, and now I can talk about the set freely in all its glory!

UPDATE 1/1/2015: The LEGO Detective’s Office is now available for order online!

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Free LEGO Flower Cart 40140 Promo Set in January 2015!

40140 LEGO Flower Cart Set Promo LEGO Stores January 2015

If there’s one thing that LEGO knows how to do better than any other toy company, it’s enticing customers with a constant barrage of free promo offers. And while consumers may not need much motivation to buy a plethora of the all-new LEGO sets in January 2015, LEGO is taking no chances and has a variety of polybags lined up for the month. And the best one of all is the LEGO Flower Cart 40140, free with a qualifying purchase at the LEGO Stores throughout January 2015!

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2015 LEGO City Creator & Technic Sets Released Online!

2015 LEGO City Sets Released Excavator Powerboat

Another question that I get in multitude each and every day is “When are the LEGO 2015 sets coming out?” And that’s another question where the answer is always “Not Yet”. But this week, that answer has changed! Holiday shoppers hoping for something totally fresh and new to stick under the tree this year can rejoice, because LEGO has now made well over a dozen new LEGO sets available: The 2015 LEGO City, LEGO Technic and LEGO Creator sets are all now available for order online!

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