February 2016 LEGO Store Calendar! Promos Deals & Events!

February 2016 LEGO Store Calendar Front

After having just been blessed with dozens of new sets being released last week, it seems a little bit perverse to be thinking of next month already–but hey, when you’re a LEGO collector, you’ve got to be constantly looking ahead, right? TLG certainly is, as they’ve once again shared next month’s store calendar a full month early.

And according to the February 2016 LEGO Store Calendar, next month we can look forward to a new free promo set, a Double VIP Points offer and more!

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December 2015 LEGO Store Calendar! Ornament Promo!

December 2015 LEGO Store Calendar

2015 has been perhaps the most epic year in LEGO history, with an unbelievable number of five-star sets making their way into stores and our collections, including entries from legendary properties like Scooby-Doo, Jurassic World and Wall-E. But as amazing as 2015 has been, it’s coming to an end, and the final calendar of this year has finally been posted.

Even so, the LEGO Stores are closing out this year strongly, as the December 2015 LEGO Store Calendar is headlined by a free LEGO 2016 Ornament Promo!

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LEGO Christmas Train 40138 Promo Set Hi-Res Photos!

LEGO 40138 Holiday Train Set Box

UPDATE 10/13/2015: The LEGO Christmas Train set is now available online! Just add $99 or more of LEGO products to your cart and the exclusive Train will be added to your cart automatically! Happy Holidays!!

ORIGINAL:Just in case yesterday’s first glimpse at the LEGO Gingerbread House 40139 promo set wasn’t enough to get you salivating, the first hi-res images of the other LEGO 2015 Holiday Promo set began to roll into the station! After word of the 40138 Holiday Train leaked out at the end of 2014, we waited almost nine months to see the first image of the set on the October 2015 LEGO Store Calendar. And now, just three weeks away from the LEGO Christmas Train 40138 set finally being released, the official hi-res photos have been sent out! Was it worth the wait, brick fans?

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November 2015 LEGO Store Calendar Free Promos & Events

November 2015 LEGO Store Calendar

About a week and a half, TLG stunned the brick-collecting world by posting the November 2015 LEGO Store calendar way, way early. Because of this, we got our first look at the gorgeous second 2015 Holiday promo set a bit earlier: the Gingerbread House.

While I already posted an entire write-up of the LEGO Gingerbread House 40139 back then, it occurs to me now that I never talked about the LEGO Store November 2015 calendar itself! And so, let’s step back for a minute and see what TLG has lined up for us next month…

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LEGO Gingerbread House 40139 Holiday Promo Set!

LEGO Gingerbread House 40139

While this year’s LEGO Winter Toy Shop 10249 set didn’t exactly knock the socks off of the many collectors who own the original Winter Village Toy Shop, TLG has really come through for fans with the rest of their holiday 2015 sets!

Not only do we have another trio of terrific Advent Calendars available, as well as the upcoming Holiday Train promo and a pair of just-announced Seasonal sets, but now we have confirmation of the second holiday promo set that’s been rumored since last year: the 40139 LEGO Gingerbread House set has now been revealed, and will be available for Brick Friday 2015!

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LEGO Bricktober 2015 Sets Revealed! Mini Modular Buildings!

LEGO Bricktober Toys R Us Store 40144

Last year, Toys R Us started what I hoped was going to be a new tradition when they debuted the amazingly cool 2014 Bricktober Mini Modular Buildings as their weekly October holiday giveaway sets! From the Pizza Place to the Town Hall, last year’s October exclusive sets really broke the mold for what we could hope for for free promo sets. And today, it’s been revealed that the series is continuing–the 2015 LEGO Bricktober sets include a Bakery, Hotel, Train Station… and a brick-built Toys R Us store!!

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October 2015 LEGO Store Calendar! Holiday Train Promo!

October 2015 LEGO Store Calendar Front

For whatever reason, it’s over a week into September 2015 and TLG still hasn’t posted the hi-res, front-and-back PDFs of the October 2015 LEGO Store Calendar. Crazy, right?

So what’s a guy to do, other than drive to the nearest LEGO Store and scan ridiculously hi-res images of the October 2015 calendar himself, right?

And thankfully, it’s worth the effort: next month is going to be a good one, with the awesome free LEGO Holiday Train promo and more!

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LEGO Star Wars Force Friday Exclusive Brick Revealed!

LEGO Star Wars Force Friday Exclusive Brick Toys R Us

We’re just over twenty-four hours away from stores across the country opening up at midnight in honor of my birthday–err… I mean, Star Wars Force Friday–and with just these few dozen hours to go, a long-rumored exclusive for the event has finally appeared!

If you like exclusive bricks (and who doesn’t?), you’d better head to Toys R Us and pick up your exclusive LEGO Star Wars Force Friday brick!

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LEGO Star Wars Episode VII C-3PO Minifigure Polybag Revealed!

LEGO Star Wars Episode VII C-3PO Minifigure Polybag

Rumors have been circulating for a while that there would be an exclusive LEGO Star Wars Episode VII polybag available during the Star Wars Force Friday event. We didn’t know what the supposed Star Wars Episode VII polybag minifigure would be at the time the rumors started, and we still don’t have confirmation of exactly what the details of the promo will be. But one thing we do know is who the first Episode VII minifigure to get his own polybag will be: it looks like an Episode VII C-3PO polybag promo is on the way!

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LEGO The Joker Bumper Car Set Released in the US!

30303 LEGO Joker Bumper Car Set Packaged at Toys R Us US

They say that good things come to those who wait. Well, that certainly seems to be the case with the latest polybag release, which collectors in the United States have been waiting for for over half a year! But at long last, the LEGO Joker Bumper Car 30303 set is finally arriving at retail in the United States in mass! Here’s where you can buy it–and when you can get it for free…

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September 2015 LEGO Store Calendar! Free Promos & Events

September 2015 LEGO Store Calendar

Seeing as how September 4th is going to be Star Wars Force Friday–perhaps the biggest day for Star Wars collectible reveals ever–I half-expected the September 2015 LEGO Store Calendar to be totally Star Wars themed.

But nope! It’s an eclectic calendar with an emphasis on Ninjago Airjitzu, a free poster for a much-maligned prequel film, and a free promo set featuring everyone’s favorite vehicle to go cruising on: a tractor!

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LEGO Classic Pirates 5003082 Free Promo Set Photos!


Why hello there! It’s been a while, right? Although our new home still has no internet (I’m writing this post from my phone–seriously), it’s thankfully been a very slow couple of weeks for LEGO news, so I haven’t missed out on covering too much. But something finally popped up today that I definitely wanted to talk about. We’ve known about a certain promo since last winter, but hi-res photos of what’s sure to be one of the most popular free promos of 2015 have now appeared: it’s the LEGO Classic Pirates 5003082 set coming free to LEGO Stores in August 2015!

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August 2015 LEGO Store Calendar: Free Promos & Events!

August 2015 LEGO Store Calendar

For the last couple months, the LEGO has been just a wee bit late posting the next month’s LEGO Store calendar. But just when I think I’ve got a handle on it, LEGO goes and pulls the rug out from under me again!

With over half a week left until July, the August 2015 LEGO Store Calendar of deals, free promos and events has now been revealed!

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SDCC 2015 LEGO Arsenal Minifigure Exclusive! Red Arrow!

SDCC 2015 LEGO Arsenal Minifigure Exclusive

If LEGO is really looking to create a stir and earn the hatred of a lot of hardcore superhero fans with their lottery SDCC 2015 exclusives, they’re doing a good job.

First they announced the raffle-only SDCC LEGO Captain America Falcon Minifigure, and now they’ve announced the DC entry: from the beloved TV show “Arrow”, it’s the exclusive LEGO Arsenal Minifigure!

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