LEGO Star Wars Summer 2015 Sets List! Episode 7!

LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens Episode VII Announced

In case you’ve been in a self-imposed media blackout for the last two years, you may not have heard, but there’s this movie coming out in December 2015: Star Wars The Force Awakens (AKA Star Wars Episode VII). As you might imagine, it’s a pretty big deal. And as such, I don’t think anyone will be surprised to hear LEGO is planning a whole LEGO Star Wars Episode VII line of sets. But you may be surprised to hear that the Summer 2015 LEGO Star Wars sets will be split into two months–with the LEGO Episode VII sets releasing on a true holiday: my birthday!

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Bricktober LEGO 40183 Town Hall Mini Modular Set Released!

40183 LEGO Town Hall Bricktober 2014 Set

It’s been fun while it lasted, but the Toys R Us 2014 LEGO Bricktober event comes to a close this week! Along with the very popular LEGO Bat Signal build event that took place a couple weekends ago, Bricktober 2014 has been headlined by a different LEGO Mini Modular Building being given out each week. If you’ve missed any or all of the previous sets they’re available for sale online, but the fourth and final Bricktober 2014 set is now available free with a qualifying purchase at Toys R Us: the 40183 LEGO Town Hall!

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LEGO Chima Worriz’ Fire Bike 30265 Review & Photos

LEGO Legends of Chima 30265 Worriz' Fire Bike Released

Well, this was unlikely. Ordinarily, you wouldn’t expect a LEGO polybag set that’s been given away at the LEGO Store for two consecutive months to show up for sale at mass retail. So when someone messaged me to let me know that they’d found the 30265 LEGO Legends of Chima Worriz’ Fire Bike set at their local Target store, I thought maybe it was a freak accident shipment. Nope! I strolled into Target this week and found a ton of LEGO Worriz’ Fire Bike 30265 sets myself. And since they were right in front of me, I couldn’t resist picking up an extra to review…

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LEGO Minifigures Series 12 71007 Released in Stores!

October 2014 LEGO Minifigures Series 12 71007 Blind Bags

By this point, we all know the drill when it comes to LEGO Minifigures Series. Each series has an “official” release date. But let’s get real–when was the last time that a ton of stores all over the country (including the LEGO Stores themselves) didn’t slip and put boxes out early, leading to loads of people completing their LEGO Minifigures Series before the street date even arrives? Good for LEGO collectors–bad for LEGO street dates. That trend will continue, as the 71007 LEGO Minifigures Series 12 blind bags have now turned up in mass for sale online and in some stores!

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LEGO Hobbit Attack on Lake-Town 79016 Released & Photos!

LEGO The Hobbit Attack on Lake-Town 79016 Box Front

Now that LEGO has begun shipping to the LEGO The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies sets to stores (which, in turn, are now selling the sets), there’s nothing stopping us from finally discussing this late 2014 LEGO Hobbit sets!

Next up is the LEGO Attack on Lake-Town 79016 set, which is the second-smallest of the sets in this wave. While the minifigure selection that comes with LEGO 79016 is a little bit bland, I think long-time LEGO The Hobbit collectors are going to have a blast pairing this set off with last year’s portion of Lake-Town…

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LEGO Halloween Pumpkin 40055 Set Polybag Reissued!

LEGO 40055 Halloween Pumpkin Jack O' Lantern Polybag Set

Ever have one of those days where several people have let you know about a LEGO set you haven’t heard of before, you then drive around for three hours fruitlessly searching for it, end up ordering said LEGO set online, and then have the realization that it’s a set from last year and you already own it…? That’s pretty much my day today in a nutshell, as I went on an epic failed quest to find the newly reissued LEGO Halloween Pumpkin 40055 set that was originally released in 2013!

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LEGO Batman Batwing 30301 Polybag Set Released in Stores!

LEGO Batwing 30301 Polybag Set

Last night I chatted up a storm about the newly-reissued LEGO Arctic Scout 30310 polybag set that’s just started to hit stores again this past week. But of course, that’s not the only LEGO polybag making the rounds in the build-up to Halloween–and it’s definitely not going to be the most popular one! Though it’s also been briefly available before, the LEGO set arriving in stores now to accompany the LEGO 30310 Arctic Scout is going to be a hot one–the LEGO Batman Batwing 30301 polybag is now flying back onto shelves!

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LEGO Arctic Scout 30310 Polybag Set Re-Released in Stores!

LEGO Arctic Scout 30310 Set Polybag Released

I’m pretty open about the fact that I love the LEGO Arctic sets (not to mention the color orange), so I don’t think anyone will gasp at my admission that I’ve been buying all the 2014 LEGO Arctic sets. I’m holding off reviewing them until I get snow to take the review photos in (thank god I don’t need to take any more photos at the beach), but there’s at least one set that won’t be around in stores long enough for that. It was previously released in stores and sold out quickly, but a new shipment of LEGO Arctic Scout 30310 polybag sets has just arrived in Target stores!

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Fall 2014 LEGO Minecraft Sets List & Photos! Ender Dragon!

LEGO Minecraft The First Night 21115 Box 2014 Set

Ever get the feeling that you’ve forgotten something? For me, that “something” is apparently forgetting to hit the “Publish” button, because I’ve had this article prepped and waiting to be posted since this weekend. But that’s okay, because “waiting” is related to the topic at-hand! LEGO Minecraft fans have had to wait a long time to get standard LEGO minifigure scale LEGO Minecraft sets, but their day in the sun is finally almost here! In November 2014, the LEGO Minecraft Minifigure scaled sets are scheduled to officially hit stores, and now we’ve gotten our first glance at the entire first wave!

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LEGO Star Wars Slave I 75060 Revealed & Photos! UCS

LEGO Star Wars Slave I 75060 Set UCS 2014 Box

All summer long, rumors have been swirling regarding the Fall 2014 LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s Series set being a super-sized version of the LEGO Slave I. Well, the old saying goes that where there’s smoke there’s usually fire, and that adage is proven right again today! Just as rumored, the UCS LEGO Star Wars Slave I 75060 set has now been revealed!

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LEGO Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina Review & Photos 75052

LEGO Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina 75052 Review

I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and irritating and it gets everywhere. That’s what Anakin Skywalker says, and I fully agree with him. Even so, sometimes it’s necessary for me to go and play on the beach and get myself (and all my stuff) covered in sand for the good of this blog. This is one of those times. While it’s been over a month since I got my discounted LEGO Star Wars Summer 2014 Mos Eisley Cantina set online, I had my first opportunity this week to go out and take review photos of the set the only place they should be taken–in the sand! Was the LEGO Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina 75052 worth getting attacked by seagulls for? Read on…

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LEGO Stores Free LEGO White Spaceman Minifigure Promo!

Free LEGO White Spaceman Minifigure Promo LEGO Stores 2014

LEGO Space is still a much-beloved and popular classic LEGO theme, despite the fact that new LEGO Space sets haven’t been produced in years. Even so, the classic LEGO Spaceman minifigure craze is having a resurgence like never before, largely due to the appearance of Benny the 1980’s-something Spaceman in The LEGO Movie. Not only do the first green LEGO Spaceman minifigures ever appear in the awesome quickly sold-out LEGO Exo-Suit set, but now we have the opportunity to get our hands on a new run of the white LEGO Spaceman minifigures–for free!

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LEGO Mixels Series 3 Sets Released in Stores! Purple Green Tan

LEGO Mixels Series 3 Sets Purple Green Tan Figures

A couple of readers wrote in last week to report that they had sighted all nine of the LEGO Mixels Series 3 sets at their local Target stores. Since those sets aren’t due out for a couple of weeks yet and hadn’t even been spotted at the LEGO Stores themselves yet, I figured it must have been some sort of fluke incident. But I decided to check my local Target stores every day–just in case. And sure enough, the entirety of LEGO Mixels Series 3 turned up at my closest Target store yesterday, including all three Green Mixels (Glorp Corp), Purple Mixels (Wiztastics) and Tan Mixels (Spikels)!

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LEGO Batman Tumbler 76023 UCS Set Up for Order!

LEGO UCS Batman Tumbler Dark Knight Set Revealed

It’s been common knowledge for most of 2014 that LEGO has been “secretly” working on a huge, Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) LEGO Batman Tumbler for release in late summer 2014. It’s also been widely speculated and agreed-upon among LEGO collectors that said set would of course debut at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 (what with it being the largest superhero convention in the world and all). So with SDCC 2014 just a few days away, we just have to wait and our patience will finally be rewarded! …What’s that? Oh… never mind. As it turns out, LEGO apparently ran out of patience themselves, as the UCS LEGO Batman Tumbler 76023 set has now been fully revealed!

UPDATE 8/18/2014: The LEGO Batman Tumbler 76023 set is now available for order!

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