LEGO City Sports Car 30349 & Tiger Polybag Sets Released!

LEGO City 2016 Sports Car 30349 Set Built

We may have just had a mother lode of new sets released this past week to kick off 2016, but that’s not all for the January 2016 LEGO sets hitting stores!

There’s something for those who prefer small sets and impulse buys as well, as the long-awaited LEGO Creator Tiger 30285 Polybag and the new LEGO City Sports Car 30349 sets are now finally arriving in stores!

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LEGO City 2016 Prison Island 60130 Set Photos Preview!

2016 LEGO City Prison Island 60130 Set Box

Last week I talked about one of the best values in the LEGO 2016 winter sets, the Prison Island Starter Set. But hey, what good’s a Prison Island Starter Set without the big kahuna itself to pair it with, right? And while last week photos hadn’t surfaced yet of the main event, they have now, so let’s take a look–the immense (and immensely fun) LEGO Prison Island 60130 set has now been revealed!

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2016 LEGO City Prison Island Starter Set Photos Preview!

LEGO City 2016 Prison Island Starter Set 60127 Box

Earlier this week I took a look at my favorite of the Winter 2016 sets that’s being released in just two weeks–the LEGO Creator Park Animals set. But now, let’s move on and preview one of the LEGO City 2016 sets!

And what better place to begin than with one of 2016’s starter sets, which turns out to once again give us a ton of fun and coolness for a super-low price–the LEGO Prison Island Starter Set 60127!

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LEGO 2015 Advent Calendars Up for Order Early!

2015 LEGO Advent Calendars Released

Thanks to an early fall release, Christmas comes a bit early each year when the new editions of the LEGO Advent Calendars start popping up on stores. But Santa must be being extra diligent this year, because the LEGO 2015 Advent Calendars are now up for order earlier than ever!

These tend to sell out way before Christmas, so it’s best to take a good look at what’s available for this holiday season and start making your early shopping decisions now…

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LEGO City Heavy Haul Train 60098 Set Photos Preview!

LEGO Heavy-Haul Train 60098 Box

It’s that time of year again, train lovers! You’ve waited, you’ve wondered, you’ve heard the rumors and maybe even seen the leaked photos–and now they are confirmed! Once again, you’ll be able add a (sort of) brand new LEGO train set to your diorama (or dioramas) this summer! Coming (very) soon to stores–it’s the LEGO City Heavy Haul Train 60098! But as much as I like this red train, it’s giving me a little case of deja vu…

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Summer 2015 LEGO City Square 60097 Set Released!

60097 LEGO City Square Summer 2015 Set Released

It was over a week ago that I found the bulk of the LEGO City Summer 2015 sets in stores for the first time (and you can check out my previously-published reviews of the new Utility Shuttle and Space Starter Set if you’re interested). I searched high and low, but there was still one set eluding me–until today! The single largest and most expensive non-exclusive 2015 set has arrived: the LEGO City Square 60097!

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LEGO Space Starter Set 60077 Review & Photos Summer 2015

LEGO Summer 2015 Sets Moon Rover Space Buggy

Last night I posted my first review of a Summer 2015 LEGO set with the 60078 Utility Shuttle. But while I think I was completely fair in my assessment of that set, I do feel kind of bad starting my reviews on a sour note with so much complaining about the set’s value. And so, to ease my guilt, today I’ll be reviewing another LEGO City Space set that just went up for order and is an outstanding value: the LEGO Space Starter Set 60077!

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LEGO Utility Shuttle 60078 Summer 2015 Set Review & Photos!

Nose Piece on Utility Shuttle 2015 LEGO Summer Set

Space: The final frontier. Even though less than .001% of people will ever go into space, it has fascinated humanity since, well… ever. And that’s why LEGO has been releasing various space themes for decades now. Even so, it’s been a while since we’ve got a healthy dose of “realistic” space sets. But the time has come–the LEGO City Summer 2015 sets are now available for purchase, and I’ll begin my reviews of them with the 60078 Utility Shuttle!

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LEGO Go Kart Racer Polybag Set 30314 Released & Photos!

LEGO City Go Kart Racer 30314 Set Released

Those who follow the Bricks and Bloks Facebook Page know that I’ve been on something of a quest this week. No, it’s not a quest for the LEGO Jurassic World sets–stores seem to be sticking to their guns about the official May 1st release date for those sets. It’s actually some far smaller that I’ve been hunting for–something was surprisingly difficult to find in my area! But finally, I tracked one (well, actually a plethora) down last night: the 30314 LEGO Go Kart Racer set has now raced into stores!

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LEGO City 2015 Advent Calendar 60099 Photos Preview!

60099 LEGO City 2015 Advent Calendar Box

I’m feeling like I could use a little bit of holiday cheer this week (no, St. Patrick’s Day does not count), so I think it’s time to look way ahead to the holiday season once again and look at the second of three 2015 LEGO Advent Calendars. Last month I discussed the LEGO Star Wars 2015 Advent Calendar, and this time it’s the classic LEGO City 2015 Advent Calendar 60099!

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Summer 2015 LEGO City Space Sets Photos Preview!

60078 LEGO Utility Shuttle Set Box

Yesterday I talked about the grand (and expensive) centerpiece of the 2015 LEGO Space sets–the 60080 LEGO Spaceport.

But what’s a centerpiece without a solid assortment of items to put around it, right? Luckily, LEGO has three way cool LEGO Space Summer 2015 sets lined up that I got to photograph in person at the New York Toy Fair 2015 last month…

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LEGO Spaceport 60080 Summer 2015 Set Photos Preview!

LEGO 60080 Spaceport Set Summer 2015 New York Toy Fair

While we’ve had plenty of science fiction themes and fantasy space ships over the past few years, it’s been a while since we got a dose of good old-fashioned realistic Space sets. But this summer, LEGO is giving aspiring astronauts (and those who just aspire to build astronauts) the royal treatment with a whole range of Summer 2015 LEGO Space sets! And the headliner of the theme debuted at New York Toy Fair 2015– the large and impressive LEGO Spaceport 60080!

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LEGO Garbage Truck 30313 & Mini Golf 30203 Polybags Released

LEGO City Garbage Truck 30313 & LEGO Friend Mini Golf 30203 Polybags

Several readers wrote in this week, giving me the heads-up that the new Easter Target LEGO polybag sets are turning up in the Target seasonal section. Unfortunately, my local Targets have been infuriatingly slow to complete their Easter sections: until today! Finally, I was able to get up-close photos of the two latest polybag sets to hit Target: the LEGO City Garbage Truck 30313 and the LEGO Friend Mini Golf 30203!

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