LEGO City Sports Car 30349 & Tiger Polybag Sets Released!

We may have just had a mother lode of new sets released this past week to kick off 2016, but that’s not all for the January 2016 LEGO sets hitting stores! There’s something for those who prefer small sets and impulse buys as well, as the long-awaited LEGO Creator Tiger 30285 Polybag and the new LEGO City Sports Car 30349 sets are now finally arriving in stores!

30285 LEGO Creator Tiger Polybag Set Released

It’s almost impossible to believe, but it was nearly an entire year ago to the day that we got our first look at the adorable 30285 LEGO Tiger set. We had great anticipation for the Creator Tiger set for basically the entirety of 2015, and after nearly a whole year of waiting, the set finally began arriving at Toys R Us stores at the tail-end of 2015!

Priced at $3.99 at Toys R Us stores for a set containing 73 pieces, the LEGO Tiger is definitely a solid buy value-wise. And frankly, it’s also gosh-darn cute, so I expect the set to sel out of stores pretty quickly. Grab one early if you know that you definitely want it.

30349 LEGO City Sports Car Polybag ReleasedMeanwhile, after quite a few months without a non-Friends Seasonal polybag set, the LEGO City Sports Car 30349 is now cruising into Target stores’ seasonal sections for Valentine’s Day!

Likewise priced at $3.99, this set contains 47 pieces. Considering that collectible minifigures tend to retail for $3.99 each by themselves, it’s a pretty sweet deal to get this minifigure and a little brick-built blue race car (and a brickbuilt traffic light) for the same price of just under four bucks.

LEGO City 2016 Sports Car 30349 Set BuiltThe blue sports car is obviously a little big bare-bones, seeing as how it costs $4 and is composed of just around three dozen pieces, but I do think that it has a certain charm to it and will be a hit with both polybag collectors and young children who just want to pick up a cheap, easy-to-build set.

And we don’t often get a source for cheap traffic signals like this one, so I’m a big fan of that inclusion here as well!

Big thanks to John C. for sending in the photos of the Blue Sports Car 30349, as my local Target store has the shelf tags up for the set, but has yet to actually get this Valentine’s Day seasonal section set into stock.

Unassembled Pieces and Instructions for City Sports Car LEGO 2016 Polybags SetThe 30285 Tiger and 30349 Sports Car sets are now available in the United States at Toys R Us and Target stores, respectively, and are retailing for $3.99 at both chains. Toys R Us polybags sometimes last many months in-stock and sometimes sell out in just a week or two, so we’ll see how quickly the LEGO Tiger goes extinct from stores (but I’ve a hunch it will be fast).

LEGO Tiger 30285 Polybag SetNot all Target stores have stocked the Sports Car set yet, but I’d expect it to have been rolled out nationwide within the next week.

What do you think of the latest two polybags to show up in stores this winter, brick fans? Are you planning on picking up (or have you already picked up) either of these sets, or are you saving your pennies for bigger and better brick sets?


LEGO City Sports Car 30349 & Tiger Polybag Sets Released! — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks for mentioning that the Tiger set did not surface until now. I remember you posting in your blog about this set last January, and when later in the year I did not remember seeing it, I thought I simply missed it in the stores during one of my busier times of life this year. Wow, that took a long time for them to put such a small set on the market. Obviously, they had other sets they wanted to get out more. :)

  2. You guys have it good at 3.99. They are 5.99 here. Most of the poly bag stuff just sits and is not too popular here in Hawaii. They only move when toys r us gives them away free when you spend $20 on other lego sets, and when target clearances them out.

      • Wow. Online they are $3.99–is this just for the “48 contiguous states”?
        I’d feel worse for you, but sitting here in below zero weather and you are in Hawaii, well, sympathy is hard to muster. :)