New York Toy Fair 2016 LEGO Photos, News and Coverage!

It’s finally here! The biggest LEGO event of the year: the New York Toy Fair 2016 began Saturday, February 13th at 7AM EST! Just like last year, I was at the press event in the morning, posting images, articles and videos from the show as fast as my little fingers could! But if you want to see them, most of our coverage won’t be here on Bricks And Bloks–because the grand opening of our rebranded site has arrived–our LEGO Toy Fair 2016 coverage will be taking place on our new site, Brick Toy News!

Brick Toy News Killer Croc Smash Set PhotoWhen I stopped posting on this site a few weeks ago and the Bricks and Bloks social media accounts started posting links to articles on different sites, I genuinely though one of this site’s 8,000+ followers might ask what was up. But nope–it appears that as long as the photos and writing are good, you guys don’t care what site they’re posted on!

And that’s a good thing, because I’ve got a deep, dark secret to share: I hate the name “Bricks and Bloks”. I have hated that name almost since the day I purchased the domain and started this site, and it’s grated on me more and more over the past few years.

And so, after publishing thousands of articles and tens of thousands of photos, and gaining a social media following of over 8,000 people for Bricks and Bloks… I’m changing the name of this site and starting fresh with an all-new domain. Cool, huh?

And so, please look forward to several weeks of in-depth New York Toy Fair LEGO coverage and photo previews over on Brick Toy News!

I’m about to leave the Javits Convention Center and head over to the Hasbro presentation as I’m writing this, but expect hundreds–if not thousands–of new photos to start popping up on Brick Toy News tonight and as the weekend goes on! And if you’ve got any requests for specific sets you want to see hi-res photos of–let me know! I took plenty of photos of them all!


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    • Yup! Like the article says, we’ve moved over to Brick Toy News. Same great taste, same Benny the Space Man, better name. =D