LEGO Simpsons Codes List for Minifigures Blind Bags!

Back in the good old days, LEGO used to make things easy for LEGO Minifigures Series collectors with reliable bump codes on each LEGO Minifigure blind bag, allowing the contents to be “easily” discerned by LEGO collectors. LEGO has strayed a little bit away from that practice over the years, but bump codes are alive and well for the Simpsons LEGO Minifigures Series! If you don’t want to be “that person” in the toy aisle frantically feeling up blind bags, give this list of LEGO Simpsons codes a try to see if it can help you identify exactly the minifigures that you’re looking for instantly…

LEGO Simpsons Minifigures Series 71005 Lineup Logo

When LEGO stopped making it easy to just decipher the codes on the LEGO Minifigures Series Blind Bags a few years ago, I seriously went into mourning. I am terrible at trying to identify what LEGO figure is in a blind bag via the method of touching the contents of the bag and looking for unique elements. I’ve gotten elves while looking for Gingerbread Men, Bumblebee Ladies while looking for Skydivers, and so on and so forth.

Thus, when I ran across a fresh case of 60 LEGO Simpsons Minifigures 71005 blind bags and realized that there was in fact a logical “bump codes” system of identify the figure in each bag, my heart soared. I was doubly excited to learn that my figures were from the same production batch as Rich’s over at Pop Critica, so I was able to snap up all 16 different blind bagged Simpsons LEGO Minifigures for myself with no problems!

I modified the bar codes images put together by the team at Pop Critica to make their printable list easier to read on a mobile device, and have posted the full 71005 LEGO The Simpsons figures code list below to help fellow collectors complete their own Springfield minifigure set…

LEGO Simpsons Minifigures Series Codes List

Disclaimer: LEGO has been known to change up the bump codes/dot codes during the run of a LEGO Minifigures Series, so beware. If you encounter a case with a whole bunch of codes that match nothing on this list, then it’s probably a fair guess that you’ve encountered a different production batch of LEGO The Simpsons minifigures with different codes.

Obviously the Simpsons LEGO blind bags codes here are useless if you run into codes that aren’t on the list, in which case you’ll be forced to “feel up” the bags in-person to make sure you’re drawing the character you’re looking for.

If anyone does happen to pull minifigures with decidedly different bump codes running alongside the bottoms of the packages and wants to share, feel free to leave a reply and add to our pool of info about LEGO 71005!


LEGO Simpsons Codes List for Minifigures Blind Bags! — 37 Comments

  1. This series should not be as hard as the other series as the molded heads are all different

  2. I already have a full set and my codes were entirely different than these listed.. so it would seem that they’re already changing them.

  3. Thanks for sharing these. I checked TRU today they don’t have out yet. I’ll try Target in the morning.

    • The bump codes are different depending on the serial number stamped into the bag. My bags say 601B4 and the bump codes are different. 453B3 is another serial number set with dif. bump codes. Lego is getting smart and making it complex. I.E. my serial numbered 601B4 Apu has a dif. bump code than my other 453B3 Apu.

  4. I have the same serial number 71005 and the bump codes were still different : (

  5. Yeah I wouldn’t rely on the codes too much. Feeling it up was my best tactic

  6. I never liked the blind bags. I think Lego would do well to scrap that idea so people can buy what they want. Else you have to go to Bricklink and pay an excessive mark up. It’s tough to collect things you want with a limited budget so you want to make the most of it. Like not ending up with five ginger bread men! LOL!

  7. From what I have been gathering, they have switched the codes on some of these. I have been diligent at finding these for my wife and almost all of the ones I found, have different stamp codes on them. I used the ol feel and find method when in doubt. Good luck!

  8. Yeah.. I still need five figures. And of course Ralph and Milhouse are a part of those five. Darn blind bags!

  9. I think they’ve already changed up the bump coding.

    I was going through the figures at my nearest LEGO store, and didn’t find any of the codes mentioned!

    However, it really isn’t that hard to identify most of these figures. Each one can usually be figured out pretty well…though last night, I mistook Nelson’s bat for Burns’ inanimate carbon rod.

    I do have to agree with the poster above, that Milhouse and Ralph may be the toughest to tell apart, given they are the smaller-legged style, and have the flat piece. Pretty much the only way to tell them apart is by their heads. Ralph’s is largely smooth given the top of his head, while Milhouse’s seems to have more parts hutting out, due to his larger nose.

    I loved finding Homer though: just feel for the donut, and you have him!

  10. there are no codes on the packs in the uk…i have looked all over them and there is no code anywhere that is different from one to the next

  11. I got them all. And I only bought 20 total. The feel test is the best method. Feel for the items and the heads. The items can be dead giveaways on the tougher to determine bags.

  12. I tried the feeling technique – but the store assistants at the store I went too didnt take too kindly to my “groping” of the minifigures!! anyways, I grabbed 25 bags and thought that I should have a pretty decent chance of getting a complete set… unfortunately, I was only able to get 12 of the set, and 13 extras!! Good thing that they’re relatively new here in South Africa, with one of the smaller toy franchises having them, and I was able to get buyers for the extras – so no loss on my side. However, I missed out on Millhouse, Apu (which seems to be one of the harder to find over here), Nelson and Chief Wiggam.. I’d like to go and get a few more bags to try and track theses down, but I dont want to risk more double and be stuck with them… trying to find other guys on this side that might have extras of what I’m missing and possibly get it through that route.. but probably more pricey though.

  13. I was able to find all 16 in one sitting, my wife was not too happy about the idea of spending that kind of money in one sitting, but she realized that I would have done it over the month anyway. At least now I am done until the next set comes out. While i like the themed sets, I wish they would do a set of Lego themed (such as City) to help diversify the minifigs that you get.

  14. I think it’s just as easy to look for the particular differences between the characters using the feel method. Lisa’s saxophone and star pointed head, Homer’s remote and donut, Apu’s littler soda cup, Crusty’s pie, Chief Wiggum’s hat and megaphone, Marge’s hair, Scratchy’s axe, Burn’s stick and fishbowl, Itchy’s ears and club, Grampa’s head, Maggie’s body (not two pieces) and teddy bear, Bart’s skateboard wheels, Milhouse’s head and book, Ralph Wiggum’s round head and book, Nelson’s bat, and Ned’s tool box and book. Best of luck with this cool set of Lego’s!

  15. Any time I run into a company that tries to rape and pillage the general public by making it next to impossible to tell one piece from another, I open the bags in the store, find the items I want, and leave all the now unsalable trash on the shelf.

    Big business trying to rape the public deserves to get raped back!

    • Petra, you’re reLly just earning Lego more money as then we (I work at Target) have to order MORE in to make up for the ones that people like you ruin. So Target loses money, Lego gets more sales.
      So thanks for nothing.

    • Real mature petra. A company is in business to make money. This is the way the box store and Lego do it. If you don’t like their methods, don’t support them by NOT BUYING their product. Your Neanderthal methods are worthless. The people that end up paying for your immaturity tantrums of opening packages are us, the Lego collector. If you cannot take time to feel the packages, don’t buy them. Go play with Megablocks!!

    • You are not hurting LEGO when you do this, you are hurting the store that sells the LEGO. Lego has already made their sale and made their money! You hurt the retailer and not lego by doing this and it is not the toy stores fault that LEGO sells these in blind bags!

  16. Trying to figure out what figure you’re getting before you open it defeats the purpose of it being a grab-bag. Surprises are fun. People who ruin surprises are not fun.

    • It’s not fun if you have to spend more than necessary to collect all of the figures! A little common sense might tell you that. How much fun is it to spend $65 and get 4 Homers, 2 Apus, 3 Krusties, 2 Milhouses, 2 Itchies, and a Scratchy? You can’t return them once they’re opened, so you’ have to spend a small fortune trying to get all of the characters. Is that what you call “fun”?

  17. I bought 12 different Simpsons Minifigs today from a local toy store. I didn’t use the bump codes to identify them; I just fet for certain parts, mainly the accessories, and was able to successfully identify each minifigure correctly. I checked the bump codes with the codes that you have displayed here. The bump codes are different. Another example that it’s better not to trust bump codes. It’s always better to feel for the parts so that you can be 100% certain of what minifig you are buying. And mor eover it’s VERY east to identify minifigs this way! The only downside is that other customers in the shop will look at you and wonder as to what exactly you are trying to do! 🙂 But doesn’t matter. What really matters is, you geting the minifig that you want! Anyway, I am veryhay with the Simpsons minifigs. They look JUST like those in the Cartoon series.

  18. I need Bart, Ned and Mr. Burns. And I have many of the others to trade if anyone’s interested.

  19. I had never heard of bump codes until I came across this post to get a complete list of all characters in this minifigure series. However, it just occurred to me, if each minifigure has a different bump code within a set, couldn’t you just pick 16 bags with different bump codes and be assured you have one of each character?

    Or am I missing something?

    • I think generally you’ll find that people don’t so much want every single one, but they want specific ones and the bump codes (are supposed to) help them find that specific one.

      If you want one of each then yeah, you’re absolutely right.

  20. Where can I buy these? I know about whsmiths and toys r us
    But is there anywhere else
    Coz toys r u is way too far away
    And whsmiths has sold out
    So are there any other places where I can buy these

  21. how about poking a small hole in the bag when no one looks and peeking at the colours inside?
    i just started wanting these things myself…