World of Warcraft Mega Bloks 2013 Sets Lineup Announced!

I’m on my way to New York Comic Con 2012 as we speak, but it seems the MEGA Brands news couldn’t be held back any longer! The set names of all the World of Warcraft Mega Bloks 2013 sets for the winter have been released by online retailers, and all eight sets are up for pre-order from BA Toys right now!

The 2013 Mega Bloks World of Warcraft lineup is as follows:

Karving (Gnome Warrior) 91005
Gendrik (Worgen Priest) 91006
Wildhide (Tauren Druid) 91023
Rojo (Pandaren Hunter) 91050
Spectral Tiger with Seperon (Night Elf Death Knight) 91041
Dragon Turtle with Windpaw (Pandaren Monk) 91024
Goblin Schreder 91045
Sha of Anger 91046

So we have four small Factions single figure packs, two Mounts (including the ridiculously awesome Dragon Turtle!), and two medium-sized sets.

This lineup including two new Pandaren figures answers the question of when the new Pandaren race will be joining the Mega Bloks World of Warcraft lineup at retail, as previously only the convention-exclusive Pandaren Jade Chen Stormstout had been released.

I’m also extremely interested in seeing how the Spectral Tiger mount is executed by MEGA Brands. Could this be our first transparent beast mount in the WoW Mega Bloks line? It seems likely!

And I have no clue in what manner MEGA Brands will create the Sha of Anger, the manifestation of Rage, but I cannot wait to see it and find out!

These sets are scheduled to start arriving in January 2013. No photos or descriptions of the set are available yet, but if they’re on display at NYCC 2012 this weekend or it’s possible to get details on them, I definitely will do so!



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