McDonalds LEGO Movie Happy Meal Toys Action Cups Photos Revealed!

There are some things in life that just make so much sense that it is absolutely inconceivable that they may not turn out exactly the way that we imagined them. Such was the case a few days ago, when the official word came out that McDonald’s restaurants were going to be offering The LEGO Movie Happy Meals toys this winter. LEGOs are toys to begin with, so there’s no way McDonalds wouldn’t offer something at least mildly cool for the Happy Meal The LEGO Movie promos… right? At least, that’s what everyone thought. Everyone–except McDonald’s. Enter: The LEGO Movie “Action Cups”…

The LEGO Movie McDonalds Happy Meal Cups Toys Series

I literally have not ingested a molecule of McDonald’s food in close to 20 years. No, seriously. Even so, I was half-prepared to make a few trips to local McDonalds restaurants when I learned McDonald’s had The LEGO Movie license. After all, it’d be close to impossible for them to possibly louse up that license. Well, unfortunately, “close” isn’t the same thing as “completely”, and McDonalds has actually managed to concoct a LEGO Happy Meals promotion that’s going to turn away most LEGO fans: The LEGO Movie Cups. Yes… Cups. *crickets*

Coming soon to McDonald’s fast food restaurants and running through most of February 2014, McDonald’s will be giving out eight different The LEGO Movie Happy Meal “Action Cups”. In case you’re wondering what an “action cup” is, it seems to just be a plastic cup. Yay…? If there are any lenticular functions are anything interesting like that built into these cups, they’re sure not apparent from the images McDonald’s posted on their official Happy Meal website. Near as I can tell, these are plain old plastic cups.

LEGO Movie McDonalds Happy Meal Cups Emmet Wyldsyde Bad CopI genuinely thought McDonald’s was going to come through for fans with some cheaply made, low-quality Happy Meal LEGO Movie minifigures, but alas–we’re getting these cups instead. There’s eight different total The LEGO Movie Happy Meal “toys” action cups: Unikitty, Batman, Emmet, Wyldsyde, Vitruvius, Metalbeard, Bad Cop and Lord Business. I’m half-tempted to pick up a LEGO Movie Batman cup. The rest…? No thank you.

McDonalds Happy Meal The LEGO Movie Toys Action Cups Batman and Unikitty McDonald’s hasn’t officially announced the exact date of The LEGO Movie Happy Meals promotion, but some quick math and intuition tells me that McDonald’s should either begin giving out the LEGO Movie Cups on Friday, January 31 or Friday, February 7 2014. I’ll post an update once it’s confirmed exactly which week this LEGO promo will be beginning (because I know you’re all prepping to race to your local McDonald’s now that you’ve seen these LEGO cups, right? Right…?).

UPDATE: The LEGO Movie Action Cups are now available at McDonalds restaurants. If you don’t want to purchase Happy Meals to get the LEGO Movie Happy Meal cups, entire sets are available for purchase online.

Alright, LEGO fans! Let’s hear it: Is anybody out there honestly, cross-your-heart excited about these McDonalds The LEGO Movie Action Cups? Or is this truly the single dumbest use of a license by McDonald’s ever?


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  1. Cups? Disappointing unless you can take them to LEGO store and fill them with bricks. I will give you this tip, The Mcdonalds in my area have Happy Meals cheaper on Tues nights 4-9 they’re $1.99.

  2. I was in a real bind until I pulled out my action cup! Now instead of sitting around jamming McDonald’s in my face, I am doing things and people like me!

  3. my 4yr old will love these… maybe they’re targeting pre-schoolers? to get them as excited for the movie as the “older” kids? who knows LOL

    • my son got two cups today if you download an app and scan the cups you get a free game

  4. So lame. My son was so excited with the “adverstising” (Picture of Emmet, but no clue as to what the items were) they had at the Walmart McDonald’s yesterday. He will be SO disappointed that it’s cups. What a waste! FYI: we don’t usually by happy meals, but just the toys for about a $1 if it’s a toy worth getting. We have enough plastic cups, why would a parent want to buy more, much less all of them?

    • oh, and of course, your child hasn’t a HUGE toy box full of toys? you’ll find his action figure collection their at the bottom, no doubt missing half their limbs and “weapons”.

  5. In Disney and Pixar’s Cars: The Ghost of the Shipwreck, there’s a haunted shipwreck off Radiator Springs when BMO’s ship sank and a rare and beautiful flower got lost underwater like Emmet who has devoured by piranhis!

  6. These The Lego Movie Action Cups are already available here in the Philippines. The designs printed on the cups are lenticular, somehow showing the movie’s characters in action, hence the name “action cups”. As for why Mcdonald’s opted to have cups instead of actual Lego toys, I heard that this is a Warner Bros/McDonalds collab and LEGO itself has no involvement with the promotion.

  7. KIds look forward to a Toy not a plastic cup. My 3 year old grandson had a lot of fun playing with a cup while I drove fifty miles home. STUPID IDEA. None of my 12 grandkids collect plastic cups.

  8. These cups have a plastic code 7 on the underside known for leaking chemicals into the liquid :( not good

  9. Every “toy” McD’s has handed to my kid has ended up in the trash……………….because the suck. Cup is in the cupboard…………because its cool.

  10. OK so let me be the odd Grandma here ! lol We LOVE the cups idea, most of the little toys she gets ( 5 year old Granddaughter) ends up in a basket somewhere. We have a lot of cups with cartoon characters on them and she loves to drink from favorites ! We use them too for putting popcorn, chips, and other snacks in. So she’s drinking from one and snacking from another ! They are great for smoothies, shakes and juice. We will use these a lot and we have all but 3 so we are Happy with our Happy Meal cup ! These cups change pics when you rotate them too so they are cute ! Sarahs MeMe !! By the way I LOVED the Lego Movie, we saw it in Knoxville at an IMAX Movie and it was really good !

  11. From a collection standpoint, the Batman cup especially i think is very cool. You just dont see 3-D items like this. They make for great display

  12. i am the mom of 2 boys, ages 2 and 5 1/2, and they both were really excited for the Lego Movie toys. And the excitement didn’t wane when they got cups in their happy meals. As a matter of fact, the oldest asked me to go buy them all right then. I didn’t because they didn’t have all of them in yet. But I did go get the rest of the set a few days later. And they both loving choosing which one to drink from at meal times. Personally I like the cups better than most of the toys, which end up in pieces in the bottom of the toy bin and then get thrown away.

    And Sherry- i love your idea of using them for popcorn! Can’t wait to do that the next family movie night we have!

    However, some of my cups have a small 01 on them and some of them have a small 02 on them. Does anyone know why or what this means, if anything? I asked the McD’s workers but they had no clue. Thanks

    • I think it’s better too. They’ll use these forever and a toy would inevitably be cheesy and get lost…unless it was really a mini figure:)

  13. no, the truly dumbest single waste of a license by McDonalds had to be the abominable Galidor line, circa 2003, followed closely by the extreme sports line (circa 200?).

  14. We didn’t know about the Lego mcdonalds toy so we were siked:) I want to get the whole set and a set for my sister’s kids. My son’s 8 and he’s thrilled with his good cop/ bad cop cup. It’s holographic and changes between the two.

  15. My 9-year-old son was very excited for his Lego cup, and he still loves it a few months later. As a matter of fact, I found some for really cheap on a garage sale so we have more at our house now. When the kids are gone from school, I secretly use the Lego cups because they’re actually a good sized cup (not “toddler sized”) and are quite sturdy. My only complaint is that they say not to put them in the dishwasher. Someday, I will anyway. But, for now, I continue to hand wash them in case the dishwasher would ruin their lenticular-ness.
    Would Legos have been more fun? Sure. But we have tons of Legos in our house. Whereas a Lego character cup was novel and gets used every single day.