CODE NUMBER LIST: K’NEX Super Mario Series 2 Blind Bags Figures

We’ve known that that a second series of the much-loved K’Nex Super Mario figure blind bags was coming since last winter, but they’ve sure taken their dear, sweet time getting here! Now, at long last, the new K’Nex Super Mario Series 2 blind bag cases have started to appear at retail, with six all-new figures contained within (plus repacks of Mario and Princess Peach)! And if you don’t want to try your luck, we’ve got the K’Nex Super Mario Series 2 codes list to help you pull the figures you want every single time…

KNEX Super Mario Series 2 Figures Blind Bags Case

I was a big fan of the K’Nex Super Mario Series 1 blind bags that I posted the codes for in the winter, but I was slightly let down that that series wasted slots on things like randomly colored Toad and Yoshi figures instead of more distinct characters. Well, I don’t have the be disappointed this time around, because the K’Nex Super Mario Series 2 blind bags contain eight totally unique figures, including six brand new ones!

Super Mario Series 2 includes: Mario (repack), Princess Peach (repack), Wario (Mario’s fat, evil doppelganger), Shy Guy, Paratroopa, Boo, Princess Daisy and Dry Bones. Shy Guy and Dry Bones are two of my all-time favorite Super Mario Bros. characters, so I was pretty stoked to see them show up in blind bags that can be army-built (using the K’Nex Super Mario Series 2 code number list, of course).

K'NEX Super Mario Series 2 Blind Bags Boo Wario Daisy Dry Bones Shy Guy ParatrooperAll of the code numbers in a case of Super Mario Series 2 blind bag mystery figures will be the same. For example, the code sequence on the back of the case reported to me is: 0513112.

Super Mario K'NEX Series 2 Blind Bag FiguresYou can identify the figures based upon the number in the sequence that is underlined on the back of the bag.

The code number list for KNEX Super Mario Series 2 figures blind bags is as follows:

Mario0513112 (Underlined First Digit)
Wario – 0513112 (Underlined Second Digit)
Peach – 0513112 (Underlined Third Digit)
Dry Bones – 0513112 (Underlined Fourth Digit)
Koopa Paratrooper – 0513112 (Underlined Fifth Digit)
Shy Guy – 0513112 (Underlined Sixth Digit)
Boo – 0513112 (Underlined Seventh Digit)
Daisy0513112 (Double Underlined First Digit)

So far this assortment has only shown up at Toys R Us stores, but it should eventually also be available at Target stores and other chains that carried K’Nex Super Mario Series 1 blind bags. The series is also now available for purchase through online sellers on ebay, so you’re not totally out of luck if your local stores don’t care the K’Nex Super Mario blind bag figures.

If you find different codes with the assortment of Super Mario K’Nex Series 2 blind bags at your local store, please be sure to leave a reply and let us know.

Good luck, Super Mario collectors!


CODE NUMBER LIST: K’NEX Super Mario Series 2 Blind Bags Figures — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you for the info! This is my favorite wave. I hope they make a Kamek or Bowser Jr in the future

  2. Thanks for posting this!
    I just got back from my nearest Target, they had tons of these. Is Peach supposed to be the rare one of this series? They only had 3 of her in all of the piles I looked through.

  3. Hey! Thank you for deciphering the codes on the back and making a post about it! That’s definitely better than standing around in the store trying to discern which package has what through touch.

    The codes for my Target are available in the pictures, but in the event you don’t look, they are “0513175”. There were no princesses at my location.

  4. I was at Target yesterday, and they had Series #3, which was categorized by rarity. Common figures are Bullet Bill, Cheep Cheep, and Diddy Kong. Rare is Mario, Toad, and Pink Yoshi (NEW FIGURE), and Elite is Bowser and Hammer Bro. I’m going back today and will provide codes then.