Kre-O Transformers Series 3 Codes List Micro-Changers Blind Bags

It’s great to be alive in the golden age of blind bag minifigures! Over the weekend I had the pleasure of posting the code numbers list for the K’Nex Super Mario Series 2 blind bags, and today I’ve got the Kre-O Transformers Series 3 codes list! I wasn’t sure that the Transformers Kre-O Micro-Changers line would live long enough to reach a Series 3, but the line is stronger than ever. And with these codes, you can pull the exact Transformers Kre-O Series 3 figure you want every single time, be it a Sharkticon or a Beast Wars Cheetor!

Transformers Kre-O Series 3 Micro-Changers Case

I heard that the Kre-O Transformers Micro-Changers Series 3 figures were on the loose, so I drove around town yesterday until I found a full case of the wave at Toys R Us. I’ve heard the set may be showing up at Target Stores as well, but my Targets no longer carry any Transformers Kre-O figures.

This was a big wave for me, as it includes two of my absolute favorite minicars from Transformers G1, Huffer and Beachcomber! I got into collecting slightly too late to own the original Huffer, but I’m certain I own every later version of the character (including the Botcon 2007 Huffer)–and now I can add a Kre-O Huffer to the list! I’m also very psyched about Guzzle, a character that I never really cared about until his starring role in the drop-dead fantastic Transformers “Last Stand of the Wreckers” comic book series.

Kre-O Transformers Micro-Changers Series 3 Blind BagsTo complete your Seacons and Technobots gestalt combiner teams, Seawing and Nosecone appear within these blind bags as well! Though we haven’t seen a Kre-O Computron Transformers set announced just yet, this is a pretty clear indicator that one is certainly going to be on the horizon.

Kreo Transformers Series 3 Figures Codes Number ListAnd of course, for the Beast Wars fans, Kre-O Cheetor makes a welcome appearance in this series! I’m the second love of my wife’s life–Beast Wars was the first–so I made sure to pick up a couple of Cheetor Kre-O Micro-Changers as gifts for my wife.

The codes list for Transformers Kre-O Series 3 Micro-Changers Blind Bags is as follows:

Nosecone – 50
Thrust – 51
Nemesis Prime – 52
Ramjet – 53
Huffer – 54
Kickback – 55
Long Haul – 56
Guzzle – 57
Sharkticon -58
Cheetor – 59
Beachcomber – 60
Seawing – 61

As far as I can tell, there was a pretty even distribution of all of the figures in the case I saw. No Series 3 Kreo Transformers were missing completely, and none were in the case a bunch of times. This should be an easy series to collect your favorites from (provided that stores near you still sell Transformers Kre-O blind bags).

That’s it, Transformers fans! Go forth and hunt down the latest Transformers minifigures! Which figures (if any) are you going to be searching for from this series?


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  1. Do you know if any of the Character Builder blind bags, like Dr. Who or Scooby Doo, have codes? And thanks for posting these lists, I find them very handy!

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