Free LEGO Star Wars TIE Advanced 30275 Polybag Promo!

For months now, we’ve known that a new mini LEGO Star Wars TIE Advanced Prototype 30275 polybag set was on the horizon. The instructions were found online, and a small smattering of sets even leaked out in Canada. Yes, we knew it was coming–we just didn’t know when. But those waiting for the 30275 LEGO TIE Advanced Prototype need wait no longer! The polybag is available in mass quantities now either for $3.99… or for free!

Toys R Us Exclusive Free LEGO Star Wars TIE Advanced Sets

By now, I think we’ve all got the regular Toys R Us LEGO free promos routine down pat. The promotions tend to be pretty straight-forward, and this latest free LEGO Star Wars TIE Advanced Prototype set polybag does not deviate from the norm.

The “easy” way of obtaining this polybag is to go to any Toys R Us store this week (5/24/15-5/30/15) and earn the set for “free” with any qualifying purchase of $30 or more in LEGO products.

There are plenty of new sets available in stores right now (including the LEGO Ant-Man Final Battle set I picked up last week), so finding $30+ worth of new sets you want shouldn’t be too much a burden for us hardcore LEGO fans.

Back of LEGO 30275 TIE Advanced Prototype Set BagBut wait–! If you don’t want to spend $30 or more to get a small exclusive polybag set (like me), you’ve got another option. And that option is to just buy the LEGO 30275 TIE Advanced Prototype mini straight-up at the store.

My local stores all have hundreds of free promo polybags sitting around the store so that anyone can just hoist one into their cart and bring it to the counter, where it will ring up for $3.99.

LEGO Star Wars TIE Advanced Prototype 30275 Set Free Promo

But if your Toys R Us keeps the promotional polybags behind the register, just ask–almost without fail, they’ll scan the polybag and realize that it can be sold individually.

As for the Mini TIE Advanced Prototype build itself, well… it’s okay. This is a bit of a tough vehicle to capture in Mini form, but I like the quartet of hinges wings for the ship a lot. This isn’t nearly my favorite LEGO Star Wars polybag set of 2015, but I’m buying all the Star Wars Rebels sets, so I am glad to have it.

Containing 47 pieces, the set is a strong value of 8.5 centers per piece if purchased for $3.99 (but obviously a much better deal if you’re paying zero dollars for the set with a qualifying purchase).

30275 LEGO Star Wars TIE Advance Prototype Promo Polybags Toys R UsLEGO Star Wars polybagged sets do tend to get better distribution than non-licensed polybags, so it’s certainly possible that we may also see the Rebels Mini TIE Advanced Prototype set show up down the line for sale at Target or even Walmart stores, but even if the set does eventually spread to other retailers, it’s not going to be any cheaper than the $3.99 you can buy it for at Toys R Us. So if you want this set, now is the week to get it.

Are you planning to pick up a mini LEGO Star Wars Rebels TIE Advanced polybag of your very own this week, LEGO fans? Or does this set not impress you enough to earn your four (or zero!) dollars?


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  1. Actually saw about 10 of these hangin on a hook 2 weeks ago at a Canadian TRU. Took a look at it, and put it back down. If they had the interceptor printed window disc from planet series set 9676, I might have liked it a bit more to buy it. My normal sized tie advance will have to suffice 😉