September 2013 LEGO Store Calendar Photos, Promos & Events!

I’ve been traveling for the first part of this month, which has been agonizing because a) I hate traveling, and b) for the first time in ages, I’m nowhere near a LEGO Store! Thus, it’s taken me a bit longer to acquire the September 2013 LEGO Store Calendar than it usually would, as I haven’t had any LEGO Stores employees to bug for next month’s calendar! Thankfully, a generous reader–Devorah–kindly scanned and sent in the entire calendar, so we can also see the LEGO Store September 2013 events, promos, monthly builds and more!

LEGO Store September 2013 Calendar Front Part 1

The top half of the September 2013 LEGO Stores calendar would have been incredibly riveting stuff if I hadn’t already heard of and reported about the two LEGO Store promo polybag giveaways for next month already.

For those who haven’t heard, the two free LEGO polybag promos being given out (with purchases) next month are the LEGO Star Wars Clone Trooper Lieutenant 5001709 minifigure and the awesome LEGO Mini Volkwsagen T1 Camper Van 40079 that I talked about earlier in the week.

September 2013 LEGO Stores Calendar Front 2The two big things we see in the lower half of the front of next month’s LEGO Store calendar are the arrival of the LEGO Star Wars Ewok Village 10236 (I will be at the LEGO Store September 1 to pick it up) and the debut of the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 (dubbed “the most technologically advanced” LEGO set ever made). I don’t know that I’ll be buying the Mindstorms EV3 LEGO set, but I’ll definitely check it out and see what it’s all about next month when it’s on demo at the LEGO Store!

LEGO Stores September 2013 Calendar Back 1Flip on over to the back of the LEGO Store calendar for September 2013 and we learn about the September 2013 LEGO Pirate Monthly Mini Model Build! Wow, after the LEGO crab and LEGO flamingo in previous months, I really wasn’t going to guess that July would bring us a Monthly Mini Build Pirate! The event will take place on Tuesday, September 3rd (the day before my birthday–alas, I’m above 14 and not allowed to participate in these mini build events).

In addition to the Mini Build LEGO Pirate itself, there’s a contest you can enter to design the October 2014 LEGO Stores Mini Model Build design! Also of note on the back of the 2013 September LEGO Stores calendar are the ads for the new LEGO Store exclusive Technic 4×4 Crawler Exclusive Edition and LEGO Sydney Opera Hall.

2013 September LEGO Stores Calendar Back 2The bottom half of the back of the 9/2013 LEGO Stores Calendar is a bit dull, as the only real gems of information are the grand openings of the new LEGO Stores (in Surrey, BC and Canoga Park, CA) and the bonus LEGO Castle Mini Model Build that’s being held on September 12. The Mini Model Build Castle looks a bit simplistic, but hopefully it will help inspire kids to build more medieval sets and drive the sales of the LEGO Castle 2013 sets somewhat (which haven’t exactly been flying out of stores, if anyone has noticed).

Thanks so much to Devorah for submitting the scans of the new LEGO Store 2013 September Calendar for us to share with everyone! What are you looking forward to at the LEGO Stores in September 2013, LEGO fans? Leave a reply and let us know!


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