CODE NUMBER LIST Marvel Mega Bloks Series 1 Mystery Pack Blind Bags

The Halo Mega Bloks Mystery Pack Blind Bags were such a success that MEGA Brands wisely decided to expand the blind-bagging goodness to their other biggest license: Marvel Super Heroes! Marvel Mega Bloks Mystery Packs Series 1 wasn’t the most riveting blind bag series in the world, as it contained three Spider-Man figures, three Iron Man figures (yes, War Machine is an Iron Man armor), one former Spider-Man costume (Venom), and one insanely hard-to-find villain (Green Goblin). Even so, the series was a big hit and would go on to spawn several more Mega Bloks Marvel Blind Bag series, and those series would have an amazingly diverse selection of characters to choose from.

This is also one of the more pesky Mega Bloks blind-bagged sets to collect, as Battle-Damaged Iron Man and Armored Spider-Man were available domestically in the United States, but were not released internationally in many other countries. As you can see from the image below, Spider-Armor Spider-Man and Battle-Damaged Iron Man were completely omitted from even the packaging of the Series 1 Mega Bloks Marvel Mystery Packs internationally! As a result, these two figures are typically very expensive and hard to find on the aftermarket.

Mega Bloks Marvel Blind Bags Series 1 International PackagingFor those of you still trying to complete your Marvel Mega Bloks Series 1 Figures collection, I present to you the most comprehensive code number list for the series that you’ll find anywhere:

Iron Man (Battle Damaged) with Flames [COMMON] — A03011MM, A10031MM

Venom with Web Whips [COMMON] — A12101MM, A25120MM, A03031MM, A05051MM, A08041MM, A17091MM

Invincible Iron Man with Flame Pieces [COMMON]
A19091MM, A27120MM, A130101MM, A04031MM, A05081MM, A06051MM, A09041MM

Spiderman with Web Whip and Web Shield [COMMON]
A16091MM, A10101MM, A24120MM, A02031MM, A02081MM, A04051MM, A07041MM

Armored Spiderman with Web Whip and Web Shield [COMMON]
A30120MM, A09031MM

War Machine with Shoulder Mounted Weapons [RARE]
A20091MM, A28120MM, A04081MM, A05031MM, A07051MM, AA11041MM, A14101MM

Black Spiderman with Web Whip and Web Shield [RARE]
A17101MM, A29120MM, A06081MM, A07031MM, A09051MM, A12041MM, A21091MM, A22091MM

Green Goblin with Goblin Glider, Bomb Satchel, and Pumpkin Bomb [ULTRA RARE]
A18101MM, A31120MM, A08031MM, A10051MM, A13041MM

Marvel Mega Bloks Mystery Packs Series 1 Lineup

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