LEGO DC 2016 Heroes of Justice Sky High Battle 76046!

Despite a few notable bright spots such as the LEGO Ghostbusters Firehouse and the Brick Bank Modular Building, this fall has been pretty, well… boring… for LEGO 2016 sets news. But while it seems we’re going to have to wait longer for the deluge of news on all the winter sets, one major reveal has already happened this weekend: the first LEGO Batman vs. Superman set has appeared! It’s the 76046 Heroes of Justice Sky High Battle–with Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman Minifigures!

LEGO Batman vs Superman Heroes of Justice Sky High Battle 76046 Set Revealed

Ordinarily TLG likes to parse out the main characters in movie sets in order to ultimately make kids and collectors buy more sets (who knows how many Hobbit sets I bought to get all 13 Dwarves?).

But while this is a time-honored tradition for most big movie themes, it seems it won’t be that way for the Batman vs Superman LEGO sets, because the first set we’ve seen fully revealed includes all of the main characters!

The greatest strength of this set is unquestionably that it includes all five main characters from the 2016 Batman vs. Superman movie. The set will include:

  • Movie Batman Minifigure
  • Movie Superman Minifigure
  • Movie Lois Lane Minifigure
  • Movie Wonder Woman Minifigure
  • Movie Lex Luthor Minifigure

The LEGO BvS Minifigures all look, well… exactly as you’d expect them to! We saw previews of the movie Superman and Batman minifigs in the summer, so no surprises there.

Wonder Woman and Lois Lane look fairly commonplace as well, leaving just one out-of-the ordinary Minifigure in the bunch: Lex Luthor with hair! That’s going to take some getting used to!

And poor Lex! I think he may be a, uh, “little” outmatched in this fight! Even with the brick-built green missile-firing helicopter that he brought, I suspect Lex will be destroyed by Superman’s attack and Batman’s gargantuan Batwing vehicle! It really doesn’t seem fair, does it?

The Batman vs. Superman Batwing movie design was revealed in the spring, so it’s not too surprising that a new LEGO Batwing is ready to fly this winter. And while its shape is a little bit bizarre, I still like it more than The Bat from the Nolan movies.

This Heroes of Justice Sky High Battle 76046 set contains 517 pieces, so we’re likely looking at a $49.99-$59.99 price-point (and I’m leaning towards the $59.99 because of the wealth of Minifigures).

At $59 for the LEGO Heroes of Justice: Sky High Battle, it’s an “okay” deal at 11.6 cents per piece. If TLG makes the price on this set any higher (and they very well might make it $69.99), then it’s going to feel like kind of a ripoff. Let’s hope they keep things a good value.

What do you think of the LEGO Batman vs. Superman Heroes of Justice Sky High Battle 76046, brick fans? Are you impressed with this whole set, buying it just for the DC Minifigures, or passing altogether on this one?


LEGO DC 2016 Heroes of Justice Sky High Battle 76046! — 5 Comments

  1. It looks like Superman has boot printing and Lois got a new torso! I’m glad these minifigures will be different from other sets!

  2. After today’s events, I am considering purchasing this set because of the characters in the set. This is giving me ideas. I don’t usually purchase expensive sets, but in this case I’ll make an exception.

      • The events that occurred was getting a Star Wars: Rebels set with over 500 pieces and the appeal of Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Seeing Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman together has inspired my creativity for new ideas with Lego.