LEGO Mr. Gold Minifigure: “How Much Is It Worth?” with Sales Data

With more and more cases of LEGO Minifigures Series 11 71001 leaking out into stores early, the Mr. Gold minifigure craze is the latest sensation sweeping the nation! As this minifigure is selling for ludicrous amounts of money and has unheard of hype surrounding it, I’ve decided to track the progress of the Mister Gold minifigures being sold online. I’ll update this post a few times each week with up-to-date data on how many Mr. Golds have been found and sold online, how much they’ve been sold for, and what the most expensive LEGO Mr. Gold minifigure ever sold for…

LEGO Minifigures Series 10 Mr. Gold Sealed in BagThe 71001 Minifigures Series 11 Mr Gold minifigure is arguably the most talked-about minifigure that LEGO has ever produced. Limited to just 5000 figures produced for the entire world, collectors worldwide have been desperate to keep their LEGO Minifigures Series collections complete, leading to  Mister Gold figures selling for insane amounts of money!

Mister Gold LEGO Minifigure In Packaging Limited to 5000 MadeSome stats about the LEGO Minifigures Series 11 Mr. Gold Minifigure (Last Updated 5/11/2013):

–The most expensive Mr. Gold ever sold sold for $1,249.99.

–The lowest price a Mister Gold figure has sold for is $406.

–The current average selling price of the Mr. Gold Minifigure is $749.80.

–40 Mr. Gold minifigures have been sold worldwide on ebay through completed auctions.

–7 Mr. Gold minifigures have been sold to “Best Offers”. I don’t count these in the average price of Mr. Gold figures, as we don’t know how much they officially sold for.

You can check out all of the current sale listings for the Mister Gold minifigure right here and continue the search for your very own Mr. Gold minifigure!

LEGO Mister Gold Minifigure Insert and Number of 5000Below is a table containing the dates of the auctions of all known Mr. Gold minifigures sold (as of May 11th, 2013), along with the corresponding amount of money paid the Mister Gold minifigure:

Date: Price Sold For (in $ US Dollars):
20-Apr 1201
21-Apr 1249.99
21-Apr 1000
21-Apr 999
22-Apr 700
23-Apr 799.99
23-Apr 585
23-Apr 720
24-Apr 700
25-Apr 720
25-Apr 650
26-Apr 699.99
28-Apr 699.99
28-Apr 670
29-Apr 700
1-May 899.99
1-May 700
1-May 710
1-May 700
1-May 600
1-May 600
1-May 560
2-May 900
2-May 700
3-May 850
3-May 700
5-May 875
5-May 725
6-May 700
6-May 660
7-May 790
8-May 1150
8-May 732
8-May 720
8-May 500
9-May 601
9-May 406
10-May 793
10-May 675
10-May 650

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As you may be able to tell, the Mr. Gold minifigure is a pretty big deal! Just how much is he worth to you, brick fans? Are you willing to pay the big bucks for Mister Gold, or is he just another minifigure to you?

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LEGO Mr. Gold Minifigure: “How Much Is It Worth?” with Sales Data — 23 Comments

  1. Too bad all the bs resellers and employees of toysrus are the only one getting the fig for $3. Bs all they have to open the box and feel a bag inside a bag and its theirs. I hate Lego for this its bs! Ive got 20k of legos but ill never get a shot at mr gold total BS.

    • My son and I just found one tonight in a local Hub Hobby. So exciting. Most people have no idea. Go out there and look. We are proof they exist and can be found by regular people. But as the word gets out it’ll be even harder.

  2. I agree, I went to walmart and all the packs that were there were beat up from people feeling them, I have 3 kids and 3 sets up to series 9, I wont even be able to complete 1 set, could have been 1 per box, would have increased box sales ,at least I could buy a box and get 1, have to rethink collecting 3 sets in case they come up with another boner move.

    • I have also 3 complete series up to series 9. And I have also 3 sets of 16 minifigures of series 10 and the toy soldier who is enclosed in a book character encyclopedia. But if Lego is thinking that I am going to buy myself an accident they are wrong. Together with this book it is time to stop and not to deal with this crazyness. I am sure that this serie shall sell like never before but then it is finished, I am pretty sure about that. The same happened with the eurocollectors. There were only 20000 pieces made of the 2 euro coin of Grace Kelly of Monaco and everybody wanted that coin and they sell it for 2000 euro / 2500 USD. But after that everybody lost his interest in collecting euros because only a few had a complete serie. So Lego thinks they have found the chicken with golden eggs but in fact they are throwing their own windows. (PS there are also 9 minifigures of the Olympic Games in GB).

  3. Dabid, I love your reviews… But it’s ne confuses the hell out of me, I thought mr gold was series 10

  4. I just got mine tonight. From shop-at-home order… only added a two CMF’s to get my free Hoth Han in the order. (Vancouver, BC) Kinda in the what the do I do now frame of mind… this little guy is the same as a Cafe Corner?

  5. Check out my map and frustration with finding Mr. Gold on my SmallPlasticBricks blog ! I hope Lego doesn’t do this type of treasure-hunting again!

  6. Hi everyone I live in the uk. I have just been to my local toy shop and have found a Mr Gold I am so excited!! I have searched for 3 weeks and have gone through 7 boxes and have bought lots of others but today I found what I was looking for. So happy, just keep looking and don’t give up. The way I did it was look for his hat!!

  7. I’m going to look for mr gold today I’m not paying 400 pounds plus it only costs people £2 so why are they selling them for more than £2

    • If you could buy something for £2, and sell it for £400, wouldn’t you? I know I would! I feel sorry for the collectors who are getting totally screwed by Lego here, but they’re creating the market by paying these crazy prices sadly.

      • The collectors can also screw Lego. Stop buying them and I am sure Lego will sell Mr Gold in a reedition.

  8. Don’t give up hope. They can be found. Went to a local supermarket here in the UK to buy our usual lunchtime supply of Lego Minifigures (me and an office colleague – it’s become a bit of a thing with lots of people in the office collecting series 9 and now series 10) – we normally spend a few minutes feeling the packets to get specific figures, and we suddenly felt what we thought was the Top Hat in a packet. Bought it, and it turned out to be a Mr Gold. It was an already open box with a few figures already sold!

  9. i cant understad those insane prices, some minifigure much more limited are way cheaper, u buy a figure 2 or 3$ and u sell it 1000$ wtf!!

  10. Found Mr. Gold today at Target while searching for Medusa (found her too!) Now I have to decided whether to keep and enjo this once in a lifetime find, or make a little money….

  11. I can see why people would want this but its getting kind of insane. I mean, I mostly collect the ones I really like and buy a packet or two every week(if I’m lucky since I’m only 11, and yes, I am quite childish) so it doesn’t really matter to me if I get it or not, though I would be really happy if I got it. I just feel sorry for those who do collect every minifigure and/or have, especially the kids.

    • I like to collect them but not at insane prices. I like also the figures you can use for building an army. I like especially Serie 9 because you can really use the different figures in different situations. I like the Heroic Knight, Forest Maiden, Policeman, Alien Avenger, Cyclops, Battle Mech and Mermaid for army building. So I don’t find it very childish at all I find it a very healthy way to think like that. In fact is collecting something an illness, a kind of greedyness, but unfortunately I collect too.

  12. I live in Puerto Rico which is an island in the Caribbean and i have mange to complete series 1 to 10 but i am missing Mr. Gold. MY biggest problem is that here in Puerto Rico there are only selling series 10 in toysRus and i have spend most of my sumer going to different toysRus, and have felt every single pack in the boxes and i have not found one, and because a have the others minifigures of series 10 my mom dose not want to by a box via internet. So i don’t think i will ever get Mr. gold and it’s really sad because i have spend a lot of time in this collection, i even have the olympics series, and there have only found 5 Mr. gold’s in my country and i think those are the only we will have here.

    • and btw in Puerto Rico minifigures cost $5 so i cant buy a bunch and hope for the best.

    • Don’t worry only 5000 people of the 7000.000.000 or 8000.000.000 will. There is also another character who nobody seems to know but it is easily available and in fact prettier then Mr. Gold, it is the Toy Soldier and it is enclosed in the character encyclopedia of Lego. Normal price is around the 30 USD but I bought it for 10 USD. It is stillavailable on All characters from the past 10 series are explained in the book and the Toy Soldier is added for free.

  13. My stepson got a mr gold Lego man he’s mad about Lego he was a bit under the weather so his mum when out and bought him a lego figure to cheer him up when she got home and gave it to him he opened it he started running round the house like a mad man. He’s not even took it out of the see through plastic bag. He couldn’t wait to register it. It’ was great to see him so happy .

  14. i just got home yesterday and found a mr. gold lego man in the mail box .
    my cousin davis had sent it to me.