LEGO Nexo Knights Knight’s Cycle 30371 Polybag Revealed!

Despite the fact that we’re just two months away from the LEGO Nexo Knights sets making their grand debut in stores, we still haven’t received official photos and descriptions of the complete first wave. Even so, today we got our very first look at the unannounced inaugural Nexo Knights polybag set! Coming to a store near you this winter–it’s the LEGO Nexo Knights Knight’s Cycle 30371 set!

LEGO Nexo Knights Knight's Cycle 30371 Polybag Set

When the Legends of Chima theme launched almost three years ago, the debut of the sets was accompanied by a free promo polybag at the LEGO Stores to get kids and collectors hooked.

I had a hunch that we would see a similar promotion to kick off the Nexo Knights LEGO theme, and it looks like TLG isn’t going to disappoint me! Over on, the 30371 Knight’s Cycle polybag was revealed today.

As this is a bagged set and not a boxed set intended for mass release, it wasn’t on display at New York Toy Fair 2015 last month with the first-premiered Nexo Knights sets at the show. It’s unknown if the Knight’s Cycle will be a LEGO Stores free promo or a set sold at a specific retailer.

This set is obviously on the heroic side, and features a Nexo Knight Royal Soldier minifigure. At a glance I thought that this was actually a little car, but then my brain turned on and I remembered that this set is called the “Knight’s Cycle”, so it’s obviously a motorcycle. Duh.

The Royal Soldier minifigure will come with a jousting lance to wield, while the blue, black and grey Nexo Knight Cycle itself will have dual orange stud-shooters on it.

Overall, I’m not terribly impressed with this polybag set at a glance. If it’s given away for free this winter–and it very likely will be–then I won’t mind building it and seeing if my opinion changes, but at this point this new Nexo Knights theme just isn’t gripping me like Chima did. (Of course, I also loved Legends of Chima, so I may be a mite biased against the theme that was created specifically to replace it.)

What do you think of the 30371 LEGO Nexo Knights Knight’s Cycle? Are you intrigued by this polybag, or do you think TLG could have picked a better first polybag set to spotlight this theme?

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