LEGO Galaxy Squad Mini Mech 30230 Polybag Free Promo August 2013!

LEGO 30230 Galaxy Squad Mini Mech Polybag Set

As a LEGO collecting community, we have been really spoiled throughout 2013 by the multitude of awesome free LEGO giveaways and LEGO polybag promos that have been given out as part of promotions at the LEGO Stores and sometimes Toys R Us. So it was with intense anticipation that I perused the August 2013 LEGO Store calendar to see what we’d be getting free in August! And, well… it’s a bit of a letdown. Coming to LEGO Stores next month, it’s the previously-released LEGO Galaxy Squad Mini Mech 30230 polybag!

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August 2013 LEGO Store Calendar Scans: Events, Giveaways & More!

LEGO Stores 2013 August Calendar Thumbnail

I have been a man on a mission this whole week, and my quest has been a simple one: to find, acquire, scan and post the all-new August 2013 LEGO Store calendar! I’ve been each of the four LEGO Stores in my area multiple times over the course of this week, but finally my epic journey is at an end.

At last, I got my very own LEGO Store August 2013 calendar today at one of my local LEGO Stores, and I’m uploaded the calendar and its cornucopia of LEGO news for all of you!

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Summer 2013 LEGO Galaxy Squad Sets Released in US Stores & Photos!

LEGO Galaxy Squad Hive Crawler Summer 2013 Set Box Back

If there’s one LEGO theme that I had absolutely no intention of becoming hooked on in 2013, it’s LEGO Galaxy Squad. But I have a weakness for cool LEGOs (if you can believe that), and I feel hopelessly in love with the theme the first time I saw the 2013 LEGO Galaxy Squad sets in stores. I had planned on curtailing my buying of the theme when the Galaxy Squad summer wave came out, but then a terrible thing happened: I came across the LEGO Galaxy Squad Summer 2013 sets while out hunting for the new LEGO Castle sets. And predictably, now I want them all…

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June 2013 LEGO Store Calendar Free Jor-El Minifigure Promo & Events

LEGO Calendar June 2013 Front Scan

While a lot of LEGO collectors may overlook it, the monthly LEGO Store calendars given out free at any LEGO Store almost always contain an invaluable wealth of information. Case in point is the June 2013 LEGO Store Calendar, which has just started being distributed in LEGO Stores over the last couple of days. Not only do we learn exactly when and how to get the LEGO Man of Steel Jor-El minifigure, but we also learn release dates for some Summer 2013 LEGO sets that are coming a little sooner than expected…

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LEGO Galaxy Squad Summer 2013 Sets Revealed: Photos and Preview!


With so many immensely popular licensed LEGO themes around this year, it’s easy to let some of the smaller, original themes fall through the cracks. But though it doesn’t have a juggernaut franchise behind it, the LEGO 2013 Galaxy Squad theme has some amazingly cool and unique designs capable of catching anyone’s attention. I love the Galaxy Squad’s fusion of science fiction technology and insectoid aliens, and am definitely looking forward to the four LEGO Galaxy Squad Summer 2013 sets that have just been fully revealed…

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LEGO 2013 Polybags Assortment Display at Walmart!

LEGO Polybags 2013 Walmart Display

Most LEGO collectors have just a few themes that they like to concentrate on, whether it be LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Lord of the Rings or LEGO Batman and Ninjago (and so forth). But if there’s one thing that seems to be able to cross the theme boundaries and get buyers to buy sets from themes they usually wouldn’t it’s LEGO polybag sets! Low-priced and always with something exclusive, LEGO polybag sets are much-loved by LEGO fans the world over. And to show that LEGO loves polybags too, they’ve sent Walmart stores huge display boxes filled with a variety of a half-dozen different LEGO 2013 polybag sets!

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