LEGO SDCC 2013 Exclusives Minifigures! Green Arrow! Spider-Woman!

In a new development that I’m sure is going to shock and frustrate the daylights out of millions of LEGO Collectors worldwide, LEGO officially announced their San Diego Comic Con 2013 Exclusive minifigures today! The four 2013 SDCC Exclusives LEGO Minifigures are all from the LEGO Superheroes theme, and will include a Green Arrow minifigure, a Black Suit Superman minifigure, an Amazing Spider-Man minifigure and a Spider-Woman minifigure!

LEGO Green Arrow Minifigure SDCC Exclusive 2013 DC SuperheroesIn my mind, making a LEGO Green Arrow minifigure as a LEGO 2013 San Diego Comic Con exclusive is a major low blow. Green Arrow is experiencing higher popularity as a character than he has in ages because of the success of the “Arrow” TV series, and that means that LEGO fans, “Arrow” TV series fans, and DC comics fans are all going to be fighting over what is certainly going to be a very rare and expensive exclusive Green Arrow minifigure. Lame, LEGO.

Last year’s SDCC 2012 LEGO Exclusive minifigures sell for way over $100 each on the ebay aftermarket, and the Green Arrow minifigure is certain to be another one that becomes ultra-expensive on the aftermarket immediately. I really don’t see the need for LEGO to release such limited characters as “promotional” exclusives at Comic-Con, but it’s apparently been very successful, so I guess LEGO will keep on doing it.

LEGO Spider-Woman Minifigure SDCC Exclusive 2013 Marvel SuperheroesThe LEGO Spider-Woman minifigure is also somewhat annoying, but not really to the same extent. Spider-Woman has virtually no presence in MarvelĀ  movies or cartoons and has failed as a major comic book character repeatedly, so it doesn’t seem quite as bad to making a SDCC Exclusive Spider-Woman LEGO minifigure. Even so, I know that decision is going to infuriate a lot of fans, as LEGO Spider-Woman is sure to gain a bit of a following once players can play as Spider-Woman in the upcoming LEGO Marvel Superheroes video game.

As for the LEGO Amazing Spider-Man minifigure in alternate costume and LEGO Superman Black Costume minifigure–I think those are terrific ideas for exclusives and really the kind of things that LEGO can and should be pushing as exclusives.

LEGO SDCC 2013 Exclusive Spider-Man Minifigure Marvel SuperheroesWould it be nice to own a LEGO minifigure of Superman in the Black Costume that he wore during that short dream sequence with Zod in “Man of Steel”, or a LEGO Amazing Spider-Man minifigure based on Spider-Man’s movie appearances? Sure it would! Am I going to lose any sleep over not owning those particular minifigures? No–no, I am not. (Well, maybe the movie Spider-Man LEGO minifigure. We’ll see.)

LEGO Black Suit Superman Minifigure SDCC Exclusive 2013 DC SuperheroesDetails have not been revealed yet as to how the LEGO SDCC Exclusive minifigures will be obtained at San Diego Comic Con 2013, but it will almost certainly be in the form of free promotional giveaways that must be won via raffles or some other means. There’s next to no chance of there being enough of these exclusive LEGO minifigures at Comic-Con to meet demand, so these are going to be a very hot commodity during after the event.

I’ll post an update once more information on these LEGO Superheroes SDCC Exclusive minifigures is revealed, and you can follow Bricks and Bloks on Facebook if you want news and updates sent directly to your Facebook Newsfeed. What do you think about these 2013 LEGO SDCC Exclusives, LEGO collectors? Are you excited about limited superheroes, or are you ticked off that they’re going to be so exclusive and hard to obtain?


LEGO SDCC 2013 Exclusives Minifigures! Green Arrow! Spider-Woman! — 6 Comments

    • I agree 100%! Just because I don’t live in San Diego I’m missing out on Green Arrow. The Green Lantern one was forgivable (like black and amazing Spider-Man and Black Superman) because it was movie based and there’s still a hope for a comic based one, but Green Arrow, Shazam, Bizzaro, Spider-Woman, and Phoenix are all characters that I would be willing to pay reasonably for in a set. Instead it feels like Lego spits on the fans willing to pay and gives them away to people who turn around and sell them for $200 on ebay. It doesn’t make sense! If they were promotional early gifts, like those were 2014 figures I would be fine with waiting, but instead I’ll just never get the chance to have a Batman and Green Arrow stand side by side, or Superman and Bizzaro duke it out. If Lego were really smart they could just sell individual figures without sets for like $3 each instead of making a different version of the batmobile and batplane every year. I would eat that shit up, however buying remakes of sets I own (all of the 2012 sets) is way less appealing. Honestly this exclusives stuff is stupid, it’s not like they’ll ever be worth money because there are so few of them. At the end of the day they’ll always just be pieces of plastic, and good custom recreations come out all the time, they’re just $30 instead of the $3-5 Lego could charge.

  1. Actually, Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) was very popular in the 1970’s and her continued presence in Marvel, even out of the costume, showed that Ms. Drew had a place in Earth-616 and beyond. While she may not have her own comic book, she’s a prominent Avenger in multiple titles, including that of her best friend Ms. Marvel. She’s made appearances in other Marvel video games, but, overall, she has been a prominent fixture of Marvel Comics for some time now. Whether or not she is a favorite to some, she’s a favorite to others; I myself have been a fan for 30 years (I’m 37). It is not fair that they make an official Lego figure that would normally cost me (or anyone) maybe five bucks now $200 or higher because they were made available for scalpers at an event in another country from me. Especially since she’s in the upcoming Lego video game, if they felt she wouldn’t sell in a set, then post her – or any of these exclusives – on their website to buy. Make it available early and throw in a gift bag or something at the Con’, but make all these figures available for fans and collectors of all ages.

  2. I’m fortunate to have both Spiderman and Spiderwoman exclusive minifigures signed by Stan Lee himself!

  3. I was at SDCC 2012 and I asked the lady at the LEGO Booth when I bought my Darth Maul. “I heard something about a Shazam figure for sale” She said I don’t know what your talking about? Where the hell do you get these mini figures at the con? And how did the LEGO booth not even know about them?

    • We got our exclusive Spiderman and Spiderwoman mini figures as a special gift from Lego for producing a mini movie for Lego Marvel.