LEGO Swamp Police Helicopter 30311 Released & Photos!

LEGO 2015 Polybags Smoothie Cart and Swamp Helicopter

I had to go out and combat the treacherous cold last night in a mighty quest for sugar-free Rock Star (don’t ask), and my voyage brought me back to my nearest Target store. The energy drink was obtained–but more importantly, I got my first look at the new Valentine’s Day section, and the two LEGO polybags in it… including the LEGO Friends Smoothie Cart 30302 and the brand-new LEGO Swamp Police Helicopter 30311!

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LEGO Joker Bumper Car 30303 Polybag Set Photos Preview

LEGO The Joker Bumper Car 30303 Set Polybag Packaged

Despite the fact that the LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham video game was one of the biggest games of 2014, LEGO really didn’t produce very many new LEGO Batman sets to coincide with the release of the game. But 2015 is sweeping in to the rescue, and one of the exclusive Winter 2015 polybags will further expand the LEGO Batman 3 universe in toy form!

Exclusively arriving at Toys R Us shortly, it’s the LEGO Joker Bumper Car 30303 set!

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LEGO Creator Tiger 30285 Polybag Set Photos Preview!

LEGO 30285 Tiger Set Polybag Promo Winter 2015

I love the holidays more than most people, but now that they’re over (although the LEGO Winter Village will be out for a few more weeks), it’s time to catch up on some minor news beats I missed over the last few weeks.

And first up is one of the first brand-new polybag sets of 2015. Coming exclusively to Toys R Us stores soon–it’s the LEGO Creator Tiger 30285 set!

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LEGO Ninjago Brown Ninja Polybag Promo Released in the US!

LEGO Ninjago Dareth vs. Nindroid Polybag Set Released

I mentioned a couple days ago that the LEGO marketplace is currently engaged in a vicious struggle, with every big retailer vying for our LEGO dollars. This battle has led to ubiquitous free promo LEGO sets available over the past month or so, including the long-awaited LEGO Rocket Raccoon polybag that was free at Toys R Us at the end of November. But Toys R Us isn’t done with us (and our dollars) yet! Though it arrived internationally a couple months ago, Toys R Us USA had one more promo up their sleeve that they were holding onto: the 5002124 LEGO Ninjago Dareth vs. Nindroid polybag is now available as a free promo in the United States!

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Free LEGO Flower Cart 40140 Promo Set in January 2015!

40140 LEGO Flower Cart Set Promo LEGO Stores January 2015

If there’s one thing that LEGO knows how to do better than any other toy company, it’s enticing customers with a constant barrage of free promo offers. And while consumers may not need much motivation to buy a plethora of the all-new LEGO sets in January 2015, LEGO is taking no chances and has a variety of polybags lined up for the month. And the best one of all is the LEGO Flower Cart 40140, free with a qualifying purchase at the LEGO Stores throughout January 2015!

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LEGO Snowman 30197 Polybag Set Free Promo This Week!

LEGO Snowman 30197 Polybag Free at Target Stores

LEGO sets are one of of the hottest holiday toys of 2014, and that means that every retailer wants some of our LEGO dollars this holiday shopping season! While Toys R Us had the Rocket Raccoon polybag this weekend and the LEGO Store will have their own Ice Skating 2014 Holiday Promo set for Brick Friday, but this week Target is getting in on the action themselves! While the set has been available in limited quantities elsewhere this fall, the LEGO Snowman 30197 polybag set will be a free promo with purchase at Target stores this week!

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LEGO Marvel Rocket Raccoon Minifigure Polybag Review & Photos

LEGO Rocket Raccoon Polybag Review

The amount of Rocket Raccoon toys and collectibles available at retail this year is surreal to me. As a lifelong Rocket Raccoon fanboy, I never thought the day would come that any piece of Rocket Raccoon merch would show up in a retail store–much less dozens of Rocket Raccoon figures. But thanks to the success of Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket Raccoon is now a star for eternity. And as such, he gets an honor previously reserved only for headliner Marvel characters like Thor and Iron Man–his own LEGO minifigure polybag! Is the LEGO Rocket Raccoon polybag worth your five bucks (or ten bucks if you’re buying Rocket online)?

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LEGO Chima Worriz’ Fire Bike 30265 Review & Photos

LEGO Legends of Chima 30265 Worriz' Fire Bike Released

Well, this was unlikely. Ordinarily, you wouldn’t expect a LEGO polybag set that’s been given away at the LEGO Store for two consecutive months to show up for sale at mass retail. So when someone messaged me to let me know that they’d found the 30265 LEGO Legends of Chima Worriz’ Fire Bike set at their local Target store, I thought maybe it was a freak accident shipment. Nope! I strolled into Target this week and found a ton of LEGO Worriz’ Fire Bike 30265 sets myself. And since they were right in front of me, I couldn’t resist picking up an extra to review…

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LEGO Halloween Pumpkin 40055 Set Polybag Reissued!

LEGO 40055 Halloween Pumpkin Jack O' Lantern Polybag Set

Ever have one of those days where several people have let you know about a LEGO set you haven’t heard of before, you then drive around for three hours fruitlessly searching for it, end up ordering said LEGO set online, and then have the realization that it’s a set from last year and you already own it…? That’s pretty much my day today in a nutshell, as I went on an epic failed quest to find the newly reissued LEGO Halloween Pumpkin 40055 set that was originally released in 2013!

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LEGO Batman Batwing 30301 Polybag Set Released in Stores!

LEGO Batwing 30301 Polybag Set

Last night I chatted up a storm about the newly-reissued LEGO Arctic Scout 30310 polybag set that’s just started to hit stores again this past week. But of course, that’s not the only LEGO polybag making the rounds in the build-up to Halloween–and it’s definitely not going to be the most popular one! Though it’s also been briefly available before, the LEGO set arriving in stores now to accompany the LEGO 30310 Arctic Scout is going to be a hot one–the LEGO Batman Batwing 30301 polybag is now flying back onto shelves!

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LEGO Arctic Scout 30310 Polybag Set Re-Released in Stores!

LEGO Arctic Scout 30310 Set Polybag Released

I’m pretty open about the fact that I love the LEGO Arctic sets (not to mention the color orange), so I don’t think anyone will gasp at my admission that I’ve been buying all the 2014 LEGO Arctic sets. I’m holding off reviewing them until I get snow to take the review photos in (thank god I don’t need to take any more photos at the beach), but there’s at least one set that won’t be around in stores long enough for that. It was previously released in stores and sold out quickly, but a new shipment of LEGO Arctic Scout 30310 polybag sets has just arrived in Target stores!

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